Item Description
Scream Along with Marvel! YOW! Here is a fabulous CD featuring 22 rare 60s and 70s rock songs, all spotlighting the great Marvel Superheroes!   This disk has al the original songs from a number of great bands and singers! To start, you get 13 great tunes by the early 70s prog group Icarus, from their LP, "The Marvel World of Icarus!" This hard-to-find album rocked with the band performing their musical interpretations of Spidey, Thing, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, and so many more!  Also, hear the classic 1967 Spider-Man cartoon theme performed in a number of ways by a variety of recoding artists! Hear the two catchy and rare 1966 Peter Pan 45 record songs all about Spider-man and Captain America! The ultra-rare 1970 hit by the Traits, "Nobody Loves the Hulk" is even included! A long-form version of the 1970s Spidey Theme from the popular PBS hit "The Electric Company" is even here! Also, listen to the two famous 1966 Merry Marvel Marching Society songs, as originally issued on flexi-disc, and used on the MARVEL SUPERHEROES carton shows! The rockin' 1972 Spider-man song from the famous "Rockomic" is among the great tracks on this CD! Just check that track list!  PLUS! The cover even spotlights original 70s comic book art by the great John Romita Sr and Jack Kirby!  Over one hour of exciting music based on the fantastic Marvel characters! Released in 2001 by Drive Entertainment, this is a MUST for any comics fan, or rare music and record collectors! Yes, I can combine multiple items for one shipping cost! See also my other auctions for discs featuring Conan, Hulk, Fantastic Four, and others! Please e-mail me with any questions.  $4.90 US Priority Postage.