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Pure fat 3 days
1.100% natural.original
2.lose 25Ibs in a month diet,no diarrhea,favorable price

Pure Fat Three days Reduce weight capsule

Reduce weight capsule:Three days
Clinical tests have shown that it is safe,health,fast slimming and has no side effect, no rebound or diarrhea
(fat loss Focus on waist belly and the position where fat easily accumulated cha racteristic)
Do you want to be slim quickly? why don&. . . . rsquo. t you to try it?

You must love it.

It can lose 25Ibs per month,no need of die or do any sprots.
[Main ingredients] Green tea,immature bitter orange, rhubarb,micro-crystal cellulose

[Nutrition Facts] Per 100g Tea polyphenols 1.13g general flavorne 1.28g

[Health effects] Reduce fat

[Applications] Those who are suffering from sipplicity fat.

[Inapplicability] Pregnant woman,breast-feed woman and youth children

[Directions and dosage] 1 tablet for one time,once per day,Early morning warm water delivery service

[Specification] 300 mg 10 tablets 2 Box
[Shelf life] 24 months

[Storage method] Store it at cool and dry place

[Matters required attention] This product cannot be instead of medicateon.

[Approval No] China Healthy Food No G20040059

[Hygiene License] Yunnan Hygiene Food License No.[2009] 530000-000022

[Execution standard] Q/HDSLY002

[Manufacturing date] On the Box

[Authorized] Beijing Siluya Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

[Manufacturer] Kunming Bixing Biological Resources Development Co.,Ltd.

[Address] 25B,Zuoneng 21ST Century ,No.250 Hennessy Road,Wanchai,Hong Kong

[Producer] ShenZhen Qiren Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
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