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Description: Specifications
Weight: 80 g
Size: 108cm high × 40cm (base) × 60cm (diameter in the middle)
Dimensions: Length 40cm × W 40cm × 2cm thick
Package Included: manual solid-fuel moisture
Folded: Length 40cm * width 40cm, thickness 0.2cm
Material: a fire retardant paper. Environmental protection. Plastic does not?
rust wire. Bamboo. Performance glue.
Paraffin burning time: 20-30 minutes.
Flying altitude: 500 m - 1000 m (a small star in the sky)
Colors : White, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, blue, green ,etc.
( you can choose any colors, Please first tell us ,Thank you ! )
Shipping cost: Worldwide postage will be free ,allow 15-35 business days for delivery by Registered airmail small package.

Directions: 1)to open packing and to take out candle ,fix the candle into inner cross iron, then, push button of iron outside and flattens it to ensure locking the candle. 2) one person taking upwards the top of praying lamp, another one ignites the candle . 3) after getting enough hot air in inner lamp due to buying of candle ,the person should release his hand from the top of praying lamp to the dot tom circle frame to keep it, then, priceless the lamp when you're feeling it's going up due to enough sending pressure. 4) don't forget to make preying for your family friends, etc when the lamp is sending into sky.

NOTE: 1) please choose wide and windless place to release lamp . fire-forbidden zone or high buildings area or sky-barrier places forbidden. 2) only matched special candle is allowable to be used for releasing lamp . 3) please release preying lamp rapidly and, and you shouldn't keep it long time when you are feeling the pressure of its' going up .and don't hang anything to the lamp. 4) children hound be monitored by adult when they the lamps.

Announcement: any responsibility resulted from mistaken release places or mistaken handling should be taken by yourself .it means you understand and accept our announcement when you release the lamp.

About US: Release a Hung Ming lantern has been a long time to lead the new market trend of release a Hung Ming lantern! Sophisticated production technology, strong?production strength, good service, irrespective of old and new orders to the?number of households or the number of clients in both the core values of respect for the world to provide our customers with quality all the year round?the products and services. I plant the production release a Hung Ming lantern (wish lantern) resolutely put an end to low-quality, truly to prevent burning, reliable quality and beautiful appearance of flying in the proper use of 100 percent success rate.

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