Item Description
Brand: AF
Trade Item: Spring -001 style: long sleeve design: grid material: cotton color classification
: Season: Spring Summer Size: Male M Male L Male XL Male S Female S Female M Female L
【Ingredients】 fabrics: cotton linen press,

【Configuration】 Simple packaging, logo, the main standard, complete standard washing

【Size】 Male S, M, L XL women SML

【Origin】 China (CHINA)
Tile size measurements, for reference, error 2CM about units cm "CM"

Male hooded shirt size table
Hooded blouse size table
Note: The tile size is not exactly the same as the actual dress size, measurement methods, the results are slightly different. Because the proportion of each person's body and clothing habits are different, the seller can not make accurate judgments! Friends so it is necessary for shipping to take care of themselves sizes! Thank you for your understanding! All sizes do not know can contact the seller. Sellers with you for reference. The seller is just with you for reference. Specific you are your own. Do not say the size of the seller would recommend shipping returned to the seller out. After all, the seller can not see you wear the right not appropriate. The seller is just around the model's body according to set code. Sales experience to be based on code.
Friendly reminder: slight color difference can not be avoided, please to receive in-kind colors prevail. You can feel when the unpacking must be careful not to draw directly with a sharp object, it is easy to cut through clothing fabrics.
Please do not take any other shops to parity with me. Parity words. Can come with me than goods. Thank you! . Hundred percent in-kind shooting