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When the coins were released in 2007, I waited in line and purchased few $1000 boxes of Denver Mint Washington Dollars from the Well's Fargo Bank. So far, I have found 53 the smooth rim error coins from the two boxes that I opened. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.
Confirmed Washington Dollar Edge Lettering Errors:
Missing Edge Lettering
No edge lettering was applied to the coin. Thousands of Philadelphia Mint specimens reported (some by bank tellers) in Florida; a few hundred coins from Denver known in Chicago.
Double Edge Lettering, Two Runs
Washington Dollar edge lettering appears twice, in two very clear sets of letters, side by side, as in "GGOODD WWEE TTRRUUSSTT." The coin was obviously run through the edge lettering machine twice, and the second run had such perfect placement that the first impression isn't even touched. No coins sold as of yet; appears extremely rare.
Double Edge Lettering, Coin Got Stuck
Edge lettering appears doubled or tripled in a small section where it seems to have gotten stuck in the edge lettering machine.
Broken Planchet
The planchet has a small piece broken off before burnishing process, which caused the otherwise normally struck coin to get stuck in the edge lettering machine. Lettering shows multiple times near break, then fades away. Extremely rare.
Extra and/or Out of Place Edge Letters
Similar to the non-errors mentioned above, but these are very clear extra letters of the proper size, some of which appear upside down to the main edge inscription. Maybe the coin went through the edge lettering machine twice, upside down the second time, which obliterated much of the first inscription.
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