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2007 Ronald Reagan .999 2 GRAM SILVER
---24k GOLD PLATED---
The Ronald Reagan Silver Commemorative
.999 Pure Silver Dime. This coin is sold out nationwide but I have
them! You may have seen these on T.V. on the Home Shopping Networks
recently. They always sell out of these fast. I was able to get my
hands on some of them and I am passing this great buy on to
The Obverse
features the Bust of the 40th President of the United States,
Ronald W. Reagan and reads "Liberty, In God We Trust, 2007." The
Reverse Features the classic U.S. Dime Design with the Torch, The
Oak Branch and The Olive Branch and Reads "E Pluribus Unum and .999
Pure Silver." Frosty Cameo and Mirror Background. The "Gipper,"
Himself would be proud to own this beautiful silver coin.
This is a
non-monetary issue. The Coin is the Same Size as regular U.S. Dime.
The Coin is enclosed in an airtight protective Capsule.