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2005 United States MintUncirculated coin set The 2005 United states Uncirculated mint sets. They come in a clear sealed protective Mylar envelopes. These sets come with 11 Philadelphia and 11 Denver representing the new coinage for 2005. The Fifty state Quarters (California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, and West Virginia) a long with the HOT new Westward Journey American Bison and Ocean in View Nickels with the new OBV face of president Jefferson facing the west. Also included is the Sacagawea Gold dollar, the Kennedy half, Roosevelt dime and the Lincoln penney a total of 22 coins. The largest of all the Mint Sets. I accept Paypal (bank transfers or existing funds, NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS!), Money Orders and Personal Checks. Shipping and Handling $3.75 in original unopened mint state package.