Item Description

FRONT Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly
New OEM style replacement Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly.
* LIFETIME warranty for as long as you own your car (excludes shipping costs).
* OEM quality oil seal
* Direct OE replacement design
* Complete assembly including studs
* Quality control tested
* Tested under fatigue and impact simulations
* Integral raceway
* Fits LEFT or RIGHT side

Part#: 513188

9 - 7x   2005-2006
              2006 L6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S
              2006 V8-323ci 5.3L F/I Vin M
              2005 L6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S
              2005 V8-323ci 5.3L F/I Vin M


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