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Over 200 Erotic Novels For Kindle, Nook, KOBO, Sony Reader, I-Pad, Ect

Plus the software you need to manage, convert, and edit your collection

Your own personal Erotic library you can access 24/7 at no additional cost EVER!

"Includes eBook management software"

The books in this collection come in PDF Format and can be converted with the included software to work with ANY e-reader or tablet.

Please Note: The photo is for illustration only and this item will ship in a paper sleeve. This helps us deliver the the item with the absolute lowest cost to you and maximum benefit to the environment. Professional cover art is included on CD-Rom.

Important Note: The books in this auction come in PDF format. this is not a native format for most e-Readers. Depending on which reader or tablet you are using you will have to use the included software to convert the books into a format that is compatible with your device. This process is very simple and takes only about 2 minuets per 100 pages.

Important Installation Note: Because of the sheer size of this collection the eBooks should NEVER be mass loaded onto your computer or eReader. Instead we recommend loading the books you wish to read one at a time or in small batches. This will prevent your device from freezing or crashing due to overload.

Buy This Collection Of Over 200 Steamy Erotic Novels For Less Than The Price Of A Single Paperback, And We will Throw In The Software To Help You Manage, Convert, And Edit Your New Collection.

A Bride for The Whole Family

A Family Sage Vol. 1

A Family Sandwich

A Film For A Few Friends

A Helpful Wife

A Husbands Hobby

A Kingdom Of Love

A Librarians Training

A Loving Family

A Mother Daughter Threesome

A Mothers Forbidden Passion

A Party Complusion

A Passionate Family

A Schoolgirls Discipline

A Schoolgirls First Time

A Special Mother

A Visit From Sis

A Wild Family Party

A Wild Yearning

An Incestuous Love

An Incestuous Party

An Orgy, Family Style

An Unholy Desire

An Unholy Lust

Angie Makes Friends

Aunt Dorothy Book 1

Aunt Dorothy Book 2

Auntie Marilyn

Back Door Babysitter

Balling Hot Daughter

Behind The Bar

Behind The Barn

Billy's Hot Mom

Black Captain

Blackmail Boss


Blackmailed Into Swapping

Blackmailed Sister-in-Law

Book One the Blackmailed Mother

Book Two the Blackmailed Mother

Bookstore For Boys

Brother and Sister

Brothers Ball Best

Burning Desires

Chained Cheerleaders

Changing Partners

Charlene's Dirty Movie

Cherry Busting Brother

China Girl

Coed Sluts

Come Meet My Mom

Coming Mother

Cousin's Deep Throat

Daddy's Delight

Daddy's Hot Twins

Daddy's Naughty Daughters

Daddy's Strip Search

Daughter On Top

Daughter Wants To Suck

Daughters In Heat

Daughter's Little Friend

Delighted In His Daughter

Donnas Loving Brothers

Door To Door Sex Girl

Double Marriage

Driven To Depravity

Driving Men To Distraction

Drugged Into Sin

Duplicate Lovers

Eager Horney Cousin

Eager Wild Wife

Easy Wild Wife

Every Inch A Nymph

Family Affair

Family Bride

Family Night

Family Peepers

Family With The Hots

First Time For Sister

First Time In The Behind

Fit To Be Tied

For Couples Only

Four Way Bride

Games Neighbors Play

Games Neighbors Play

Gang Bang Mom

Girls Camp Counselor

Hand Maid

Hard Guys And Hostages

Harder Mom Said

Her Driving Desires

Her Foxy Mom

Her Husbands Boss

Her Lessons After School

Her Mothers Lover

Her New Daddy

Suzy In Bondage

Swap Party

Swapping With Laura

Swimsuit Sinners

Teaching Swapping

Teasing and Pleasing

The Abducted Bride

The Abducted Wife

The Blackmailed Neighbors

The Blackmailed Teenagers

The Blackmailed Wife

The Boyfriends Dad

The Breeders

The Brother In Law

The Door To Door Salesman

The Exhibitionist Wife

The Experiment

The Family Act

The Family Bed

The Family Busts Loose

The Family Haven

The Family Reunion Book 1

The Family Reunion Book 2

The Family Secret

The Family Sucks A Lot

The Family Swappers Book 1

The Family Swappers Book 2

The Family's Wild Urge

The Friendly Couple

The Gardner Got Her

The Girlfriends Lesson

The Girlfriends Revenge Book 1

The Girlfriends Revenge Book 2

The Harlot Seed

The Headmaster

The Helpless Captive

The Hidden Camera

The Hollywood Swappers

The Honeymoon Couple

The Impotent Husband

The Jealous Protector

The Kinky Couples

The Late Late Family Show

The Losers Wife

The Married Sister

The Missionary's Daughter

The Mother They Shared

The Motorcyclists Wife

The Naughty Bride

The Neighborhood Nympho

The Neighbors Teasing Wife

The Orgiastic Cult

The Panty Lovers

The Passionate Prisoners

The Peeking Sister

The Playful Twins

The Polaroid Club Book 1

The Polaroid Club Book 2

The Professors Rape Games

The Ranchers Wife

The Reluctant Couple

The Reluctant Neighbors

The Reluctant Swappers

The Scandalous Stewardess

The Seduction Of Mommy

The Seductive Sister In Law

The Sex Equipment

The Sex Procurer

The Soldiers Wife

The Straying Wife

The Tempted Bride

The Tempted Tourist

The Tortured Tourist

The Tough Get Coming

The Twins and Mother

The Twins And Teacher

The Underground Model

The Unfaithful Girlfriend

The Unholy Master

The Violated Virgin

The Virgin Captives

The Watching Husband

The Weekend Captive

The Widows Hot Family

The Young And The Wild

Three Sucking Daughters

Three Way Weekend

Throw Mama On The Bed

Tied Up Aunt

Tommy's Little Sister

Tween Sisters Hot Thighs

Twice As Nice Vice

Two Wives

Two Sisters

Two Way Mother

Video Games


Voodoo In Hati

Walo's Mistress

Wanting Everyone

What A Sucking Mother

When Mom And Dad Are Away

White Captive

White Slave

Wife Forced To Spread

Wife On Film

We have done all of the work and assembled a huge collection of over 200 Erotic Novels onto a CD-Rom and bundled them with popular eBook Management software. For use on all of the most popular eBook readers, iphone's, and most tablets*

*Please note that PDF files must be converted to your devices compatible format. We include complete instructions and the software needed for conversion.

E-Book Management Software

Mac (OS X Leopard and Higher) And Windows (XP/Vista/7) Compatible

The E-Book Management Software Included with this package will allow you to

-Manage Your Library

-Convert Your E-Books

-Sync To E-Book Reader Devices

-Download News From The Web And Convert To E-Book Form

-Comprehensive E-Book Viewer

-Access Your E-Book Collection Online


Manages your e-book collection for you. It is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats.

Can sort the books in your library by: Title, Author, Date added, Date published, Size, Rating, Series, etc.

In addition, it supports extra searchable metadata:

  • Tags: A flexible system for categorizing your collection however you like

  • Comments: A long form entry that you can use for book description, notes, reviews, etc.

You can easily search your book collection for a particular book. Supports searching any and all of the fields mentioned above. You can construct advanced search queries by clicking the helpful "Advanced search" button to the left of the search bar.

You can export arbitrary subsets of your collection to your hard disk arranged in a fully customizable folder structure.

Will even go out onto the internet to find book metadata based on existing title/author or ISBN information. It can download various types of metadata and covers for your books, automatically. The metadata system is written using plugins so that different types of metadata sources can be supported in the future.

Can convert from a huge number of formats to a huge number of formats. It supports all the major e-book formats.

The conversion engine has lots of powerful features. It can rescale all font sizes, ensuring the output e-book is readable no matter what font sizes the input document uses. It can automatically detect/create book structure, like chapters and Table of Contents. It can insert the book metadata into a "Book Jacket" at the start of the book.

A modular device driver design that makes adding support for different e-reader devices easy. Syncing supports updating metadata on the device from metadata in the library and creation of collections on the device based on the tags defined in the library. If a book has more than one format available, automatically chooses the best format when uploading to the device. If none of the formats is suitable, will automatically convert the e-book to a format suitable for the device before sending it.

Can automatically fetch news from websites or RSS feeds, format the news into a ebook and upload to a connected device. The ebooks include the full versions of the articles, not just the summaries. Examples of supported news sites include:

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • The Economist

  • Time

  • Newsweek

  • The Guardian

  • ESPN

  • and many, many more…

Built-in ebook viewer that can display all the major ebook formats. It has full support for Table of Contents, bookmarks, CSS, a reference mode, printing, searching, copying, customizing the rendering via a user style sheet, embedded fonts, etc.

Built-in web server that allows you to access your ebook collection using a simple browser from any computer anywhere in the world. It can also email your books and downloaded news to you automatically. It has support for mobile devices, so you can browse your collection and download books from your smartphone, Kindle, etc.

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