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Special Edition Version
featuring 3 complete 20 minute workouts.
Bess Motta and her friends take you on an exhilarating workout
routine! There is a very convienent DVD menu which allows you to
select which workout you want to do. After the workout completes
you are returned to the main menu again. This is so much
better than an old VHS tape which you had to Fast Forward or Rewind
in order to find the exact beginning of the workouts.
The DVD is an overseas release but it will play on all US DVD
players as it is region free. The quality is excellent as
well. The DVD is in English and there are no subtitles of any
kind. The music is pretty catchy as well. Check out the
online reviews... this is the most sought after workout compilation
right behind Jane Fonda.
20 Minute Workout was an aerobics-based television program
during the early 1980s, whereby three young women would exercise in
a white room that was illuminated with bright white lights. The
room also had a rotating platform, so the exercising could be seen
from every angle.
English, NTSC DVD, All-Region, Color, Aspect Ratio: 4x3,
Stereo Sound,
60 Minutes (3 workouts x 20)!!!
DVD Info: This a "Special Edition" not the
regular one episode version floating around.
NOTE: This workout video has been long out of
print on VHS and laserdisc!
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