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20 pcs colorful cloth diapers + 20 inserts

 One Size AIO Cloth Diapers Nappy pocket diaper covers with Insert


cloth diaper diapers pocket cloth nappy cover     cloth diaper diapers pocket cloth nappy cover


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     How many diapers will I need?

         First of all you need to determine how often you will be doing laundry.

       With that in mind, here are some reasonable estimates about cloth diapers you will need:
         Newborn to 4 months - 20 - 24 diapers
         Infant (4 to 10 months) - 16 - 20 diapers
         Toddler (10 months to potty training) - 12 - 16 diapers

       Please note quantities are based on an average sized baby and if you wash every other day. More diapers will be needed if you go longer between washings.

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      Item Desc ription

One Size Cloth Diapers are:

  • Waterproof Outer layer is made from PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)
  • Inner layer of custom micro fleece that keeps baby dry
  • Super absorbent 3 layer Microfiber Inserts (also called Soaker)
  • Available in 10 color : Blue, light Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Bubble Gum, Apple Green, Aqu Blue, White.
  • Choose your color from picture, tell us the quantity of Style NO.
  • Bright color could bring happy and harmonious feeling to baby: Science proves that bright color is good to baby on environmental cognition.
  • Unique design of 3*3 snaps to adjust the size
  • Fit baby weight from 3 kg to 13 kg (approximately 3 YO before potty train)
  • S.M.L all in one size (please adjust the button according to the body size of baby)

Suitable to be used during night time (approximately 10pm - 7 am) with 2 inserts. But it may varies to your baby's frequency of urination.

  • Note
    Prolonged contact of microfiber insert with baby's bottom may cause dryness due to super absorbency of the material.
    Do make sure to put the microfiber Insert/Soaker inside the Pocket Pants to ensure the only thing to touch the baby legs is the soft micro fleece on the inside OR if you prefer to use as a lay on top soaker, then please use a nappy liner on top of it.

  • Washing Guide:
  • Wash diapers prior to first use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacture.
  • It is advise to wash it at least once it hot water with no detergent.
  • Remove any solid and flush down the toilet before washing.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners because it might break down the fiber and reduce the life expectancy of the diapers.
  • Line dry in the hot sun or in the dryer on medium heat.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Use laundry bag to wash your Cloth Diaper.


          its good for your baby, good for the environment!  

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Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

      Cloth diapers have changed considerably over the years, and offer many benefits to parents of newborns:


      Disposables have lots of chemicals which have been associated with many physical problems. Diaper rash also increases with disposable diaper use due to allergies to chemicals, poor air flow and longer time spent in wet diapers which feel dry.

      Be nefits the environment

     Cloth diapers are reusable. Quality cloth diapers will hold up for many washings and can be saved for the next child. Although energy is req uired for washing the diapers, it is a fraction of the energy used for disposables. Cloth diapers are also recyclable, making excellent cotton rags in their 'afterlife'.

        Less expensive

       Many studies have compared the costs of disposables diapers versus cloth washed at home, and cloth diapers provided by commercial diaper services. Results vary, but most agree that the cost of cloth diapers, home laundered, is considerably lower than buying disposables. Estimates range from $800 - $2000 in savings over the 3 years, and over 6000 diaper changes. Using a commercial diaper service, depending on which study you consult, is either comparable to, or a little less expensive, than using disposables. Check out your potential savings with this nifty calculator.

       Easy to use!

       Whether you're using a prefold or fitted with cover to a pocket with insert, or an All in One diaper, they're easy to use. Once baby has soiled the diaper, you simply put it in a dry diaper pail or a hanging bag. For an older baby or toddler eating solids, you can shake loose poo into the toilet, and put the rest into your pail or bag. Once it's time to do laundry, just dump the contents of the pail or empty the bag out into the wash, in the case of the bag, turn it inside out and throw it in as well. I suggest doing a cold prewash to get rid of the urine & small solid bits. If you like, you can even put some tea tree oil or lavender in the prewash. Then just do a normal hot or warm/cold wash cycle (and a 2nd rinse) with less than usual detergent. Once the wash is done, you can dry most or all diapers hanging or in the dryer, whichever you choose. It's that easy!  

      Note: Thanks to Diaper Pin for the nifty calculator listed above.


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