Item Description
This product is based on modern Chinese medicine Medicinal and Edible theory, selection of coffee, hydroxy citric acid (HCA), dietary fiber, taurine, vitamin B1 and other raw materials, use of modern biological science and technology, vacuum drying, particle crushing, and destroying bacteria, V-plane full uniform mixing processes such as refining, the product is our company together U.S. biotech research center after three years of clinical research results of scientific research is a natural, healthy and safe weight-loss beauty drinks, is not a general Ordinary coffee drink every morning a package, episodes Ganxiang of food for thought, enjoy enjoy a "thin" is a modern beauty are health drinks.
Main raw materials: coffee, hydroxy citric acid (HCA), taurine, dietary fiber, vitamin B1.

Specifications: 10gx18 package

Health function: weight loss

Suitable for the crowd: simple obesity, post-natal obesity, adolescence obesity and the need to maintain a slender person.

Taking method: once a day, every time a package, before breakfast every day with the amount of open water will open you can drink (no coffee to join other partners).