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1997 - 2000 FORD F150, F250

Two (2) FRONT Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly

  Front Wheel, 4WD/AWD ; 2 Wheel ABS; Rear Wheel ABS ; 5 mounting holes ; M12 Wheel Bolts ; 2 Per, Vehicle



Part#:   515017
Part Type:   Front Wheel Bearing
  FORD   1997-2000
    PICKUP F150 1/2 TON   1997-2000
      2000 V6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin 2
      2000 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin W
      2000 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Vin L
      2000 V8-330ci 5.4L BIFUEL/FI Vin Z
      2000 V8-330ci 5.4L CNG/FI Vin M
      1999 V6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin 2
      1999 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin 6
      1999 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Vin L
      1999 V8-330ci 5.4L BIFUEL/FI Vin Z
      1998 V8-330ci 5.4L CNG/FI Vin M
      1998 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin W
      1998 V6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin 2
      1998 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin 6
      1998 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Vin L
      1998 V8-330ci 5.4L BIFUEL/FI Vin Z
      1997 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin 6
      1997 V6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin 2
      1997 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Vin L
      1997 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin W
    PICKUP F150 LIGHTNING   1999-2000
      2000 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Supercharged Vin 3
      1999 V8-330ci 5.4L F/I Supercharged Vin 3
    PICKUP F250 3/4 TON   1998-1998
      1998 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin W


One (1) NEW Original Equipment Style (OES) direct fit Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly.

Check the above application diagram for your specific vehicle.

The OES bearing line offers the highest quality direct fit products and the deepest application coverage in the industry.

  • One year warranty.
  • Direct OE Replacement
  • Complete assembly including studs.
  • QS9000 Certified
  • Quality Control Tested
  • Tested under fatigue and impact simulation
  • Fits LEFT or RIGHT side

If your bearing is noisy, squealing or scraping its time to replace it.  

Parts For: Asian, Domestic and European Makes, Popular Light Trucks and SUVs

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NOTE: Front wheel bearings and hub will need replacement if your axle has worn through it. The bearing is mounted on the end of the driveshaft or axle and at times runs hot. Although it contains a sealed bearing that needs no lubrication - over time due to heat it will deteriorate and wear out. The bearing is self sealing and self lubricating so it will never need servicing. The bearing should be checked during regular brake inspection to be sure it’s not out of round and the ball bearings are not worn. Tie rod ends inner or outers are used by the suspension and steering systems it allows the car to steer the wheels. If the tie rod is worn out, the wheel alignment may suffer and the tire rod may pop out of its socket leaving you stranded when the wheel does the mean lean. Replace the tie rod inner and or outer and don’t forget to get a wheel alignment. At the same time you may want to check the ball joints and wheel bearings or hub bearings. The control arms will sometimes need replacement when the bushings and the ball joint wear out. While you are at it you should check the rest of the suspension such as idler and pitman arms drag links tie rod sleeves upper and lower ball joints struts and shocks.