Item Description
TAG #45 Clear Gel helps to control swelling and is to be applied mid-procedure on broken skin. This product contains 4% lidocaine and epinephrine and ensures that your patients dont have to suffer at the end of a long procedure.
Fluid 1 oz.
Topical Anesthetic Gel with 4% Lidocaine.
Fast-acting relief of pain and swelling after the skin is broken.

Drug Facts:
Active ingredient(in each ml) Purpose Lidocaine HCI 40 mg...Local Anesthetic
Epinephrine HCI 0.4 mg...Vasoconstrictor/shrinks swelling

Uses: External Use Only. Temporarily relieves pain from superficial injury to skin such as minor cuts ,scrapes or abrasions

Do not use If you have any of the followings:
1.A known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients.
2.a history of severe liver disease or impairment

When Using This Product
1.You may not have pain-avoid sources of heat or injury
2.You may have burning or stinging if accidental eye contact
3.You may have temporary skin irritation or sensitivity
4.Keep out of eyes and mouth and out of children's reach


Do not use if pregant or nursing. If accidentally swallowed get medical help immediately.
Not for chronic use.

Sensitivity test advised prior to use . Dab small amount on affected area as needed up to 6 times per day . Use eyewash if accidental contact with eyes occurs.
Store in a cool,dark place or refrigerate.
Other ingredients: Chlorobutanol,Methylcellulose,sodium Bisulfite
Sodium Chloride,water

Using method:
Step 1:Use Goochie professional product--cleaning gel to clean the lip surface, then remove labial surfaces grease, at last, using disinfection cotton or the special cotton to do the external application

Step 2:In order to prevent the edge of lip becoming white or allergic after using the anesthetic and in order to save external anesthetic, we’d better cut off the redundant cotton.

Step 3:After cutting off the redundant cotton, use more drops of anesthetic between lip peak and lip line, let the labial surface be saturated. At the same time, you should tell the customer that the lip must be in the state of relaxation and not to save saliva during the external operation process, because the saliva can dilute the concentration of the anesthetic. Suppose the customer have saliva in mouth, do not spit but to swallow. The anesthetic does no harm to the body.

Step 4:The effect of anesthetic works differently due to different person.The normal time is 10-15 minutes. But some customers because of the long-term medication or drinking habit, 5 minutes more is needed ,so as to achieve the ideal anesthetic effect.

Step 5:Do the external application in about 10 minutes, then prepare a new tattoo needle, in cotton air-taking lightly, especially in the lip line, the anesthetic can be deeply penetrated and the lip can come to the completely painless effect. One minute later, use another new needle to begin the operation on lip.