Item Description
On the Obverse you have a mirror finish Polished Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a brushed background displaying the Stamp of 5 Dollars 2011 with ELIZABETH above in the rim. On the reverse you have a polished mirror finish design from the famous Royal Canadian Maple leaf also with a brushed background showing the stamp of 9999 fine Silver 1 oz. Argent Pur in the rim and CANADA Over the maple leaf
10, 25, 50, OR 100
Those can be shipped direct from the supplier to you.
Due to the nature and ever changing values of our items we cannot afford to have "renting of a product” for up to 60 days. So our return policy has to be modified to "No Returns". Of course, if there is a genuine problem about the condition of the product you purchased or the item is not as described I'll gladly offer a refund less postage. It should be clearly understood that I only accept returns for the condition, not content as I always include many photos to adequately show condition of the item when you purchase it and each item is carefully described. This is to protect against buy happy people who just bid and don't read descriptions, if a not as described complaint is opened this is the disclaimer that I will provide to the provider to answer that request.
Any Silver or Gold Bars & Coins Marked 100 Mills listed as Clad Plated, Covered, or Layered “Are Not Solid Silver” Each Bar Consists of the Base Metal Copper
Then a Mirror Finish of 100 Mills Pure Silver or Gold layered over Each Bar this is the same process that several mints use to produce their currency for clad silver coins