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Product Description

La jiao shou shen weight loss, lose weight
Selection of the fresh pepper which is oringinated from Mexico which is recognized as the weight loss and face beauty natural plant, and with the combination of konjac, Lotus Leaf, tuckahoe, and papaya as the main ingredient of the product. Adoption of the latest Nanometer destroy nucleus teclology and high-tech scientific formula biotechnology.
The chracristic of the capsaicin:
1, magic function of promoting blood flow, and prventing the aggradation of the fattiness
2 Burning the fat and expediting the metastasis
3large quantities of gene in decomposing fat accelerate clearing up the fattiness in deep layer
Activating the excretion of hormone and Recuperating the illness fattiness which is caused by endocrine dyscrasia.
4 stimulates the intestinal tract and accelerate the excretion the fat in food.
5 Add vitamins and minerals to the human body, Nourishing the skin
The main ingredient
Extraction of fresh pepper, konjac, Lotus Leaf, tuckahoe, and papaya
The effectiveness and content: Total flavonoids≥ 100g per
The effective: Weight loss, face beauty
Appropriate to the crowd:
Simple obesity, Stubborn obesity, weight loss many times a loser.
Weight loss:
Specification: 300mg * 6 tablets * 5 board
Taking Methods: One time per day, per pill one time, taken in the morning alone or with food
Shelft life: 24 months
Storage method: Aireproof, store at shade and dry place.
Matters required attentions: This product can not be insead of medicament. It's forbidden fo rchildren, pregnant women or lactation