Item Description
1999 $10 Silver Liberty Proof by
-1 troy ounce-
$10 Denomination, One troy ounce of
999 Fine Silver
In mint state, uncirculated
Multiple Strike Minting for a proof
like finish
Airtite Container
These are the last of
the Liberty Dollars for sale online. On November 14th, 2007 the
federal government raided Liberty Services and seized all of their
inventory and dies. In doing so, they effectively put them out of
business. There will be no new supply of Liberty Dollars for the
foreseeable future and much of the existing supply was seized in
the raid. Therefore prices of available Liberty Dollars have spiked
to $50 per ounce. These are being sold as collectibles. Liberty
Dollars are legal to own, but are not government money.
Originally produced as "Alternative
Currency," these silver rounds were expertly minted in .999 Fine
Silver to produce a lustrous, almost proof-like finish.
Availability has dried up in the aftermath of the government raid
on Liberty Services and the Sunshine Mint. Demand - on the other
hand - has skyrocketed as these Liberty's may never be produced
REAL money no one can
argue with. This is pure silver (.999) or 99.9% pure. To be used
for barter. Product is beautiful and functional.
You will receive the item in the
photo or one of equal or better quality.
Liberty Dollar
(ALD) was a
currency produced in the
States. The currency was embodied in minted metal rounds
similar to coins, gold and silver certificates and electronic
currency (eLD). ALD certificates are warehouse receipts for real
gold and silver formerly owned by ALD certificate holders. The
metal was warehoused at
Minting in
d'Alene, Idaho prior to a November 2007 raid by the

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the

Secret Service. Until July 2009, the Liberty Dollar was
distributed by Liberty Services (formerly known as NORFED), based
Indiana. It was created by
von NotHaus, the co-founder of the Royal Hawaiian Mint Company.
In May 2009, von NotHaus and others were charged with federal
crimes in connection with the Liberty Dollar and, on July 31, 2009,
von NotHaus announced that he had closed the Liberty Dollar
operation, pending resolution of the criminal charges. On March 18,
2011, von NotHaus was found guilty on two counts, including the
making of counterfeit coins.