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Infiniti   QX4

Nissan   Pathfinder 4WD


CENTER   Muffler Assembly


Part#:   285-187
Part Type:   Center Resonator Muffler
  INFINITI    QX4      1997-2000
      2000  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
      1999  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
      1998  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I
      1997  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
  NISSAN   PATHFINDER    4WD  1996-2000
      2000  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
      1999  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
      1998  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin A
      1997  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E
      1996  V6-3275cc 3.3L F/I Vin VG33E


New Original Equipment Style (OES) direct fit   Exhaust

Check the above application listings for your specific vehicle.

  • Our OES line offers the highest quality direct fit systems and the deepest application coverage in the industry.
  • All of our exhaust systems are fully aluminized.
  • Our mufflers are made from double wrapped steel, with aluminized internals and end plates.
  • Our pipes are made of 16-gauge aluminized steel, and our flanges mirror OE design.
  • Finally, we can provide a full range of brackets, clamps, gaskets, hangers, flexes, and tips.

If you're smelling gas fumes this is the deal for you.  

You can purchase this exhaust here at a fraction of its cost.



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