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1995 EMMITT SMITH COWBOYS . This 23K gold tablet was officially made in United States ,. Each card is stamped 23K Gold and assayed and certified by US mint in New York as 23K gold. Super limited gold edition - only 7500 ingots bleachers were ever minted in NY in 1995 . Have huge historic, collectible and commemorative value. Each bar hasserial numbers -from New York assay company WCG 10 GEM -MT. The tablet is still in mint and pristine condition, never touched by human hands and come in see trough assay box with certificate of authenticity. Will make a really great present for any occasion. In reality this bar much much better than on my pictures. About Gold Cards: A skilled artisan hand inscribes a detailed portrait of the superstar in raised relief on a steel die. This die is then used to strike thin sheets of paper-backed 23kt gold foil. The result is a dramatic, detailed three-dimensional image in high relief on a mirror-smooth surface of gleaming gold. Most genuine 23kt gold card are individually machine serial numbered of the limited edition.