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 This is the 1st season of the Power Hour show it comes on 11 dvd-rs & is excellent quality 




6-23-89 SST vs. The Road Warriors
Gordon Solie’s WNN
J.R. Interviews Ric Flair
Freebirds vs. Ranger Ross & Scott Hall
Funk’s Grill w/Missy Hyatt
Terry Funk vs. Ricky Santana

Sting vs. Ron Simmons (TV Title)
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Flyin Brian & Ricky Santana vs. Jeff James & Al Greene
Skyscrapers vs. George South & Trent Knight
Funk’s Grill w/Lex Luger
Dr. Death, Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner vs. Freebirds (Hayes, Garvin, Gordy)

NWA Power Hour 7/7/89
Scott Steiner (w/Rick Steiner) vs. The Bounty Hunter
WNN: Gordon Solie actually covers the WWF!!!
Tommy Rich vs. Jim Bryant
Terry Funk's Grill w/Paul E. Dangerously
Brian Pillman & the Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace) vs. Bill Irwin & New Zealand Militia (Rip Morgan & Jack Victory)

NWA Power Hour 7/14/89
Ricky Steamboat vs. Jack Victory
The Skyscrapers (w/Teddy Long & Norman) vs. Randy Rose & Dwayne Bruce
Terry Funk's Grill w/Gary Hart & Great Muta (Muta mists Terry Funk's hand to give him Shogun powers)
The Road Warriors vs. The Freebirds (Gordy & Jim Garvin) (Cage Match, Michael Hayes & the Samoan Swat Team come in)
Interviews w/Road Warrior Animal

NWA Power Hour 7/21/89
Sid Vicious vs. Davey Rich 
Brian Pillman, Tommy Rich, & Scott Hall vs. The Iron Sheik, Bill Irwin, & TJ Meadows
Terry Funk's Grill w/Freebirds
Terry Gordy vs. Dick Murdoch

Dan Spivey vs. Johnny Rich
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Scott Hall & Ranger Ross vs. New Zealand Militia
Funk’s Grill w/Norman the Lunatic
Eddie Gilbert vs. Tommy Rich

NWA Power Hour 8/4/89
Eddie Gilbert (w/Missy Hyatt) vs. The Bounty Hunter
Scott Steiner vs. Rip Morgan
Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman the Lunatic (Funk renames him Norman the Maniac, funny bit)
Sting & Steve Williams vs. Terry Funk & Terry Gordy

NWA Special Power Hour 8/11/89
Mike Rotunda vs. Shane Douglas
The Great Muta vs. Eddie Gilbert (Anything Goes Match, Tommy Rich & Gary Hart come in, somehow Gilbert pins Gary Hart!?!?)
Terry Funk's Grill w/Steiner Brothers
Road Warrior Hawk vs. Samu (Samu dumps Paul E. Dangerously as a manager)

NWA Power Hour 8/18/89
Ron Simmons vs. Sting
NWA Champ Ric Flair vs. Fidel Sierra
Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman the Maniac
U.S. Champ Lex Luger vs. Tommy Rich

NWA Power Hour 8/25/89
Brian Pillman vs. Jerry Price
Tommy Rich vs. Fidel Sierra
Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman (Brian Pillman comes in & gets attacked)
US Champ Lex Luger vs. Brad Armstrong

Cuban Assassin vs. Greg Evans
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Tommy Rich vs. Wild Bill Irwin
Funk’s Grill w/Road Warriors
Sting vs. The Great Muta

Flyin Brian vs. The Enforcer
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Lex Luger vs. Ranger Ross
Tommy Rich vs. The Bounty Hunter
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart & Dick Slater
Road Warriors & Steiner Brothers vs. SST & Freebirds

New Fantastics vs. Freebirds
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ranger Ross vs. Scrap Iron Ford
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart
Rick Steiner vs. Norman the Lunatic
Highlights from Clash 8

Dynamic Dudes vs. New Zealand Militia
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ric Flair vs. Wild Bill Irwin
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart
The Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch

Z-Man vs. Trent Knight
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Dynamic Dudes vs. Mike Rotunda & Cuban Assassin
Funk’s Grill w/Woman
Road Warrior Animal vs. Militia-man Jacko

Norman the Lunatic vs. Tommy Angel
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ric Flair vs. Dick Slater
Funk’s Grill w/Steiner Brothers
Road Warriors vs. New Zealand Militia

Samoan Savage vs. Tim Parker
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Steiner Brothers vs. Cuban Assassin & Bob Cook
Funk’s Grill w/Ole Anderson
Eddie Gilbert vs. The Great Muta

Italian Stallion vs. Terry Funk
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Scott Hall, Richard Sartain, Tommy Rich vs. SST & Samoan Savage
Funk’s Grill w/Kevin Sullivan
Road Warrior Animal vs. Dan Spivey

Dr. Death vs. Rude Dog
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Freebirds vs. Ranger Ross & Tommy Rich
Funk’s Grill w/Ric Flair
SST & Samoan Savage vs. Dick Murdoch, Scott Hall, Eddie Gilbert

Doom vs. Italian Stallion & Richard Sartain
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Norman the Lunatic vs. Tommy Rich
Funk’s Grill w/Gordon Solie
Lex Luger vs. Dick Murdoch

NWA Power Hour 11/18/89 (Partial)
Buzz Sawyer vs. Louis Estilla 
WWN w/Gordon Solie

Dynamic Dudes vs. Rip Rogers & The Avenger
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Kevin Sullivan vs. Ranger Ross
Funk’s Grill w/Gordon Solie
Steiner Brothers vs. Doom