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1988 - 1991 Mercedes 300SE Center Resonator Muffler Assembly

New Original Equipment Style (OES) muffler. Will fit Mercedes 300SE from 1988 to 1991. Easy installation using common tools.
Check the COMPATIBILITY CHART for your specific vehicle.
* Our OES line offers the highest quality direct fit exhaust systems and the deepest application coverage in the industry.
* All of our exhaust systems are fully aluminized.
* Our mufflers are made from double wrapped steel, with aluminized internals and end plates.
* Our pipes are made of 16-gauge aluminized steel, and our flanges mirror OE design.
* Finally, we can provide a full range of brackets, clamps, gaskets, hangers, flexes, and tips.
The muffler is manufactured to original equipment specifications and meets or exceeds OEM specifications. It will directly install on your automobile to reduce the noise and smoke level down to a safe limit.
The muffler is a premium quality unit and not the inexpensive units that muffler shops install.
The exhaust at muffler shops are engineered to last the life of the warranty and then bring you back to replace and inspect your car for additional maintenance $$$ to drain your pocket.
1264905215 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SE 1989-1993
Part#: 175-301

300SE 1988-1991
1991 L6-2962cc 3.0L F/I Vin 103.981
1990 L6-2962cc 3.0L F/I Vin 103.981
1989 L6-2962cc 3.0L F/I Vin 103.981
1988 L6-2962cc 3.0L F/I
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