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FIRST: 1979 Billy Sitcom Pilot Recorded February 26, 1979, with Original Broadcast Commercials, and Super-Rare Flatbush sitcom promo!

This Steve Guttenberg vehicle (really!) was based on an English play called "Billy Liar" about an endless day dreamer (yes, "Billy") and or liar of sorts.

Our sitcom "Billy" is pretty much that … he lives in a fantasy, making up stories (including couple about his dad), and daydreaming. The opening sequence conveys this via shots of Guttenberg daydreaming, and showing us the scenarios. This all plays out to perhaps one of the worst theme songs of all time - the lyric that says "dreams are your landscape" or something like that is particularly bad. The writing of the episode is also fairly weak … overall, this is an odd one for sure!

Only seven episodes were ever made/aired … and this pilot episode is probably exactly why!

Also included are most of the original commercials - Sanka, some cat food, and more. There are also promos for CBS series such as Lou Grant, M*A*S*H*, and WKRP in Cincinnati, and yes, more.

Don Adams even puts in a cameo!

The Flatbush commercial is an extended promo for the series that ran just THREE WEEKS!

THAT"S JUST ONE HALF OF THIS UNIQUE COMBO … also included is an episode of "Makin' It"! This is the episode "Something for Ma" as broadcast on March 2, 1979.

SECOND: This one is another oddity, for sure - a sitcom built from the ground up based on a song! Set in Passaic, NJ, this show was disco-meets-Italian stereotypes, much like a certain popular disco movie that happened a little earlier than this show.

There are some famed names attached to this: Robert "Saturday Night Fever" Stigwood helped create … David "I'm a pepper" Naughton was the lead, and and Ellen Travolta was along for the ride.

Also included with this episode: original broadcast commercials!

This is an amazing, rare time capsule of American broadcast TV - not ground-breaking stuff, but the stuff that we all watched … well maybe not all of us!

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