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Polish Miracle!!!
1976 World Hockey Championship in Katowice, Poland.
Game between Soviet Union and Poland, April 8th, 1976.

The tournament took place in Poland from April 8th to April 25th.
Eight teams took part in the main tournament, with each team first playing each other once. The four best teams then took part in a medal play off, and the teams placed 5-8 took part in a relegation play-off. The teams took the results from the first round through to the second round with them.
The defending World champions and 1976 Olympic champions from the USSR sensationally lost the opening
game to hosts Poland. It was basically the same team, lead by Valeri Kharlamov, Alexander Yakushev, Alexander Maltsev and with Vladislav Tretiak in the goal, which beat Poland 13:2 and 15:1 in previous year, 17:0 in 1974 and 20:0 in 1973 World Championships!!!

Team USSR roster:
Vladislav Tretiak, Vladimir Lutchenko, Sergei Babinov, Yuri Liapkin, Valeri Vasiliev, Gennadiy Tsygankov, Valeri Kharlamov, Alexander Yakushev, Boris Mikhailov, Sergei Kapustin, Alexander Maltsev, Helmut Balderis, Viktor Shalimov, Victor Zhluktov, Vladimir Shadrin, Alexander Golikov, Vladimir Golikov, Sergei Korotkov, Alexander Filippov, Aleksander Sidelnikov

Great game for any hockey fan to enjoy.
Play-by-play commentaries are in Polish.
The quality is not excellent by today's standards, but great for the games of that time period (see photos).