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1968 25 Silver Pesos Juegos de la XIX Olimpiada Mexico



Mexican 1968 Olympics Silver 25 Pesos Coins

To commemorate the 19th Modern Olympic Games held in Mexico City in 1968, Mexico issued a very attractive 25 Peso coin in silver. Struck to commemorate the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, each of these 25 Peso coins features the Olympic symbol and an Aztec dancer on the obverse, while the reverse shows an Eagle design most often seen on Mexican coinage. Each is struck in .7200 fine silver and contains .5209 ounces of pure silver.
1968 Mexican Olympic Aztec Ball Player 25 Pesos This 1968 Mexico City Olympic Coin commemorates the first and only Latin-American hosted Olympics. The coin's design was a tribute to the ball games in Aztec culture. The coin's denomination: 25 Pesos; .720 Silver; weight: 22.5g; diameter: 36mm. The obverse features a Aztec ball player with the outline of I shaped court in the background. Inscribed around the coin's outer edge is: Juegos De La XIX Olympiada Mexico 1968. The Olympic rings are at the coin's bottom.
The reverse has inscribed around the outer top edge: Estados Unidos Mexicanos Mexicanos. The coin's center displays an eagle sitting on a cactus killing a snake. Ley 0.720 is on the eagles right with the OM mint mark under it. 25 Pesos is to the left of the snake being held by the eagle. Independencia Y Libertad is also inscribed on the outer coin rim. Coin is BU in condition and legal tender in Mexico.