Item Description
You're purchasing a two hour DVD jammed packed with VERY RARE promos/commercials for tv shows from the 1960's & early 70's. This DVD has no cover or disc art. These promos were aired on TV & were also used to promote these shows to network affiliates stations. There are also some "NEXT WEEK ON....." promos included. Many of these spots also include the countdown slate. The one negative thing about some of these promos (mainly the CBS spots) are they have an orange-like tint to them. In addition, even though the promos say the show is "IN COLOR", most of these are in black & white.

Here are the shows that have promos that are included on this DVD......many shows have more than one promo during the two hours:

The Man From UNCLE

My Favorite Martian

The McCoys - CBS

The Munsters

Lost In Space

The Wild, Wild West

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Gilligan's Island

Beverly Hillbillies

Green Acres

Buddy Edsen for the United Way

Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor for the United Way

Bob Crane for the United Way

Hogan's Heroes

Gomer Pyle

My Three Sons - "now on CBS"

Andy Griffith

Petticoat Junction

Lucy In London Special

The Lucy Show

CBS 1965 Saturday Morning Cartoon Line-up

Tennessee Tuxedo

Heckle & Jeckle

A Charlie Brown Christmas - FIRST EVER SHOWING PROMO!!!

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Man Called Flintstone

Twilight Zone

The Time Tunnel

The Invaders

Captain Nice

The Adventures Of Superman

40th Annual Academy Awards


The Lone Ranger (cartoon)

Road Runner


Marine Boy

Wendy & Me



Pat Paulsen For President

The Jonathon Winters Show

The Good Guys

The Red Skelton Hour


To Tell The Truth

Space Ghost

The Carol Burnett Show

Here's Lucy


He & She

Good Morning, World

Gomer Pyle/Hogan's Heroes promo for TV 10 in Philadelphia

Cimarron Strip

The Doris Day Show

Search For Tomorrow

The Guiding Light

The Secret Storm

Candid Camera

Shirley Temple Storybook

Jerry Lewis MD Telethon


My Three Sons - ABC

General Hospital

Alcoa Premiere

Bewitched - having a baby promo


NBC Show of the Week

Gregory Peck for Project Head Start


Patty Duke promoting the debut of Batman on ABC


Science All-Stars

ABC Saturday Baseball with The King Family

Hoppity Hooper

McHale's Navy

The Donna Reed Show

The Les Crane Show

Flintstones & Jonny Quest on Friday night

12 O'Clock High

The Real McCoys - ABC

ABC Wednesday Night Line-Up

CBS 1962 Tuesday Night Line-Up

CBS 1962 Wednesday Night Line-Up

"Next on" Wild, Wild West

"Next on" Gunsmoke

The Odd Couple


The Rookies

Owen Marshall


The Paul Lynde Show

ABC Wide World Of Entertainment

Streets Of San Francisco


Marcus Welby MD

The Persuaders

Mod Squad

"Next Week on" Lost In Space

Off To See The Wizard

The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters

Sixth Sense

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

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