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Great stove finally removed from grandmothers home. Stove was in use up until removal. One of the burners has been cracked and a second one needs to be replaced. The other 2 and the oven work great. Stove has 3 drawers for plenty of storage. The large top has room for the largest pots and pans plus storage of items in between. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. I will deliver within 50 miles of Darlington,SC for an additional $20. Although the stove is pictured outside, it has been well taken care of. The only reason the stove was removed is because we decided to get a new one instead of fixing this one.

The wiring diagram is intact on the back and the functionality of the stove is great. COOKS FANTASTIC!!. If you have a kitchen setting that needs a vintage look, you cant get anymore vintage than this. This stove has too much history and a lot of life left in it to be going to a scrapyard.

Even after decades of use, the finish is still good. Must come pick up from South Carolina

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