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Up for your consideration is this exceedingly rare token. Listed in the Birdsell Token book "Ku Klux Klan Tokens" as KK224 (see pic from the book) and unlisted in Bronze. Large 35 mm and very very rare state semi-political issued token: only one known to be sanctioned out of Oklahoma, only one to reference a Grand Dragon, only the second token known to exist that honor Imperial Wizard Hiram Wesley Evans (see KK220), and only the second token to have US political ties (House of Representatives). All around fantastic piece with so much unique detail and historical relevance. At first glance the token resembles a KK214 but has significant differences: On the obverse one first notices the initials: "I. W. H. W. E." which stand for "Imperial Wizard Hiram Wesley Evans" - other obvious differences are the "5-6" found just above the "1922" date (it has been speculated that the "5-6" when added together makes the number "11" which is used secretly by the Klan to denote the letter "K" the eleventh letter of the alphabet: ie. KK212 for reference). Also worthy on note is the fact that the open palm has been moved to the right of the date instead of being found over it as with the KK214s. One finds the most signifcant changes to the reverse where the secret Klan acronym "AYAK" = "Are You A Klansman" has been added (one letter to each outside corne of the box that encloses the tablet at center) as well as "USOKLA" = United States Oklahoma but most importantly is the the addition of: "G.D.Z.A.H 1927" which stands for Oklahoma's "Grand Dragon Zach A. Harris" who took the helm of Grand Dragon in 1927 after his run for the US House of Representatives. Unbelievably rare and sought after piece made even more scarce by its unlisted bronze metal variety (the book only shows nickel). Though there is some significant wear to the obverse - all of the pertinent data that makes this token unique and desirable is perfectly preserved and legible -the listed price has more than compensated for the wear in its price large reduction from one without any wear. Very desirable and exceeding rare token to find - do not miss your chance to add this unbelievable piece to your collection.

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