Item Description

If you have the birdsell book (2nd edition) it is listed as: KK2101.1. 

Hero's crosses were the highest award a klan member could receive.

Obverse features a bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest with his last name "Forrest" adorning the left side of the bust. Above the image of teh bust is a Klansman's hood with teh word "DUTY" on it. The two top legs of the cross left and right respectively say: "SANS PEUR ET" (WITHOUT FEAR AND) "SANS REPROCHE (WITHOUT REPROACH). The bottom two legs of the cross left and right respectively have the dates "1866" and "1915" the dates of the first and second movements of the klan. (First 1866 by General Nathan Bedford Forrest and the second 1915 by Colonel William Joseph Simmons". Top has ringed eyelet to attach to pinned hanging bar.    

Reverse says: "HERO CROSS Presented by the KNIGHTS of the KU KLUX KLAN (INC). Just below that it is maker marked: "Whitehead & Hoag Newark, N.J." Some the maker mark is still present but he rest was lost when the previous owner removed the flames from in between the legs of the cross.

ULTRA RARE!  Fantastic shape with high relief and is intricately designed and detailed.  Silver roughly and inch and a quarter (1 1/4") square -not including suspension ring.  Please keep an eye on my future auctions as I have other associated items that I will be selling in the near future.