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What a wonderful look at life in the 1800?s.  This Historical CD contains stories of the local townships of Clinch County , Georgia and its people.


This is a scanned copy on CD of the original Book published in 1916.





Clinch County ,



Revised to Date

Giving the early history of the County down to the

present time (1916) ; also complete lists of County

Officers, together with minor officers and

also sketches of County Officers ' Lives;

with chapters on the histories of

old families of Clinch County ;

also other information as

is historical in its



Compiled and Edited By

Folks Huxford


Published by

The J.W. Burke Co.,

Macon , Georgia




314 pages on 1 CD

An essential resource for Genealogists

Actual images of every page, in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Works with any computer, and is easy to use and read. Some scans are imperfect.

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Ceding of the Lands Which Now Comprise Clinch County.-Origin of Appling County . Origin of Irwin County.-Origin of Ware County . Origin of Lowndes County . First Settlers. Primitive Condition.-Indian Troubles.-Growth of the County.-"Olden Times." -- Land Grants.


Early Settlers. Indian War Soldiers.


 The Creation of Clinch County.-Act Creating Same.-The Organization.-Bonds of First Officers.-Magnolia.-----Settlers.-Echols County Created from Clinch County.


Homerville Opened Up.-Its History.


 The Civil War Period. Lists of Troops From Clinch County . The Surrender. Immigrants to Clinch County .


 Condition of the County Following the Close of the War---Politics.-Condition of the County Treasury.-Burning of Court-House.-New Jail.-The History of DuPont. -The History of Stockton.?Temperance


Proposed New Railroads. Efforts to Remove County Site. --Newspapers in Clinch County . The Populist Party.--County Court Re-Established.-First Board of County Commissioners . --New Jail.--New Court-House.---Camp of Confederate Veterans Organized. Population of Clinch County.--Argyle.--Saw-Mill Enterprises.-The Waycross & Western Railroad. --The Okefinokee Swamp .


 Educational. Condition of the County Following the Close of the War---Politics.-Condition of the County Treasury.-Burning of Court-House.-New Jail.-The History of DuPont. -The History of Stockton.--Temperance.


 History of Churches of Clinch County .


 A Distinguished Family Connection.


 Old Families of Clinch County .


  County Officers of Clinch County . 1850-1916.


 A List of Ware and Lowndes County Officers Until the Creation of Clinch County.-A list of Appling County Officers, 1820-1826.-Jury Commissioners, 1869-1916. County Registrars , 1895-1916.-Notaries Public. Road Commissioners, 1869-1913.-Foremen of Grand Juries, 1867-1916.-Sundry Other Officers.


 Sketches of Lives of Clinch County Officers , 1850-1916. Alphabetically Arranged.


 The Lastinger Family*

Surnames Listed

Acosta, Adams, Agee, Aiken, Aikens, Akers, Albertson, Alcox, Alderman, Aldridge, Allen, Altman, Amerson, Anderson, Ansley, Anthony, Arnold, Aspinwall, Atkinson, Austin, Avera, Bailey, Baker, Baldree, Baldwin, Barlow, Barnhill, Baset, Bass, Baxley, Baxter, Bazemore, Beasley, Bedford, Belote, Benge, Bennett, Benton, Berg, Bevel, Bickley, Bigelow, Blackburn, Blackman, Blackshear, Blair, Bland, Blitch, Blount, Boatright, Boland, Booker, Booth, Boring, Bostic, Bostick, Bourn, Bowden, Bowen, Box, Boyd, Boyett, Boyt, Brack, Bradford, Brady, Bramlett, Brantley, Braswell, Brewer,, Brewton, Bridges, Brinson, Brogdon, Brown, Browning, Bryan, Bryant, Bryon, Bulloch, Bunn, Burch, Burkhalter, Burnett, Burnsed, Burt, Butler, Byce, Byrd, Byron, Cain, Cameron, Campbell, Capps, Carey, Carmichael, Carroll, Carroll,, Carroll., Carson, Carter, Cartledge, Carver, Cason, Caswell, Cauley, Chambers, Chancey, Chancy, Chandler, Chapman, Chariton, Chatham, Chauncey, Childs, Chisholm, Clark, Clayton, Clements, Clemmons, Clifton, Clinch, Clinton, Clopton, Clyatt, Cochran, Cohen, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Colly, Colwell, Conine, Conley, Cook, Coon, Cooper, Copeland, Corbett, Corbitt, Cornelius, Cotter, Council, Courson, Cowart, Cox, Craig, Crawford, Crews, Cribb, Crosby, Crum, Culpepper, Curry, Daime, Dame, Dampier, Danforth, Darby, Darley, Darling, Darsey, Dart, Dasher, Daugharty, Davis, Dawsom, Dawson, Day, de Muro, Dean, Dedge, Deen, Dees, Delk, Dickerson, Dickson, Dilbern, Dillon, Dorminy, Dorsey, Douglas, Douglass, Dowman, Downing, Drawdy, Drew, Driggers, Dryden, DuBignon, DuBose, Duff, Duggan, Duke, Dukes, Dunaway, DuPont, DuVall, Dyal, Dyall, Dyals, Eason, Eastman, Echols, Ecord, Edie, Edmondson, Edwards, Eggleston, Ellington, Elliott, Ellis, Emanuel, Evans, Faircloth, Faulk, Fender, Ferdon, Ferguson, Ferns, Ferrell, Findley, Fiveash, Fleming, Fletcher, Floyd, Fogarty, Folks, Folsom, Ford, Foreacre, Foreman, Forsyth, Frazier, Frink, Frobel, Fry, Fryer, Fulton, Fulwood, Fussell, Futch, Gaines, Gale, Ganos, Garrison, Gary, Gault, Geiger, Gibbs, Gibson, Giddens, Gill, Gillican, Gillispie, Glenn, Godwin, Goette, Goff, Goodman, Gordon, Grace, Graddy, Graham, Grantham, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Griffin, Griffis, Grooms, Groove, Guess, Guest, Gullette, Guthrie, Hagins, Haines, Hall, Hamby, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hancock, Hannah, Hansell, Harben, Hardage, Hardeman, Hardy, Hargraves, Hargreaves, Harmon, Harnage, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartig, Harvey, Harwell, Haskins, Hawkins, Henderson, Herndon, Herren, Herring, Herviant, Hewett, Heyward, Higdon, Higgs, Hightower, Hill, Hilliard, Hinson, Hiram, Hitch, Hodges, Holland, Holliday, Holloway, Holt, Holtzendorf, Hooker, Hopson, Howell, Hughes, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunter, Hurst, Hussey, Hutto, Huxford, Ingram, Inman, Irwin, Ison, Ivey, Jack, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jarvis, Jefferds, Jefferson, Jeffords, Jenkins, Jernigan, Jewell, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jourdan, Jourdan,, Joyce, Jurnigan, Keen, Kelly, Kemp, Key, Kight, Kiker, Kilpatrick, Kimrey, Kinard, King, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkland, Kirton, Kite, Knight, Knowles, Koehler, Lake, Lamb, Lancaster, Lane, Langdale, Langston, Lanier, Lankford, Laslie, Lastinger, Latimer, Lawton, Lee, Lees, Lefler, Leggett, Levi, Lewis, Lieberls, Lieman, Lightsey, Liles, Livingston, Lloyd, Locke, Lockliear, Long, Lott, Love, Lovejoy, Lovell, Lowndes, Lumpkin, Lyle, Mabry, Mahon, Mainor, Malette, Mallette, Malloy, Malone, Mann, Manning, Manor, Markey, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mathis, Matthews, Mattox, May, McAlhaney, McAuley, McCabe, McCall, McCardell, McCardle,, McClaflin, McCombs, McCranie, McCullers, McDaniel, McDonald, McDowell, McDuffie, McFadden, McFoy, McGill, McGlashan, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKellar, McLain, McLamb, McLaughlin, McLelland, McLendon, McLeod, McMichael, McMillan, McMillen, McMullen, McMullin, McNeil, McRae, Meeks, Melton, Mercer, Mershon, Mikel, Mikell, Miley, Millen, Miller, Mills, Milton, Mims, Minshew, Mitchell, Mixon, Mizell, Mobley, Moncrief, Money, Monk, Moody, Moon, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morrison, Moss, Mullis, Murphy, Murray, Musgrove, Myddleton, Nail, Narger, Naylor, Nelms, Nelson, Nettles, Newbern, Newberns, Newborn, Newman, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nipper, Nix, Norman, North, Norton, Norwood, Nunez, O?Quin, O'Brian, O'Bryan, Ockington, Oglesby, Oliver, O'Neal, Oppenheimer, O'Steen, O'Steens, Padrick, Pafford, Paffords, Palerson, Palmer, Pannal, Parker, Parmer, Parrish, Pate, Patten, Patterson, Paxton, Payton, Peacock, Peagler, Pearson, Peeples, Pennington, Permenter, Petty, Peyton, Phillips, Pickrun, Pierce, Pigue, Pike, Pittman, Plant, Platt, Porter, Poston, Powell, Prescott, Preston, Prickett, Prine, Purvis, Quin, Quincey, Raiford, Ramsey, Randal, Ratliff, Ray, Raymond, Read, Reddish, Register, Rentz, Reppard, Reviere, Reynolds, Rhoden, Riberon, Rice, Rich, Ricketson, Ricks, Riddle, Ridgall, Riggs, Rives, Roberson, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Ross, Roundtree, Rouse, Rowell, Rowland, Royals, Ryals, Rymes, Sampson, Sanford, Sauls, Saunders, Saussy, Saville, Screven, Sears, Sellars, Sessions, Sessoms, Settle, Sever, Shanks, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Sheffield, Sherley, Shinholser, Sikes, Simon, Simpson, Sineath, Singleterry, Sirmans, Skinner, Sloat, Smith, Smiths, Solomon, Spain, Spaulding, Stafford, Stallings, Stalvey, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stapleton, Starling, Staten, Steedley, Stephens, Sterne, Stevenson, Stewart, Stockton, Stokes, Stone, Storeman, Stotesberry, Strange, Street, Strickland, Stuart, Studstill, Styles, Summerall, Summerlin, Sutton, Swain, Swearingen, Sweat, Swilley, Symmes, Tarlton, Tatum, Taylor, Tedder, Temples, Terry, Teston, Thane, Tharp, Thigpen, Thomas, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tice, Tillery, Timmerman, Tison, Tomblin, Tomlinson, Tooten, Tootle, Touchston, Touchstone, Towns, Townsend, Treist, Tucker, Tullis, Turner, Twitty, Tyler, Tyson, VanGeisen, Vann, VanZant, Vining, Wade, Wagner, Walden, Waldhour, Waldron, Waldrup, Walker Wall, Wallace, Wandle, Ward, Waters, Watson, Watts, Waver, Weaver, West, Wester, Weston, Wetherington, Whilden, White, Whitehurst, Whiting, Whittington, Wideman, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wiles, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wilkes, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willoughby, Wilson, Wisenbaker, Withers, Womack, Worth, Wright, Yates, Yelvington, Yeomans, Youlds, Youmans, Young, Zeigler,