Item Description
Fumed Cobalt Bubble Trap Slide made by Matt X

This slide is absolutely huge on the outside,,almost the size of a raquet ball, the pack is completely normal sized. Very heavy and huge look and feel to this cobalt fumer.
Perfect marvered medium pack.
This is a great addition to any slide collection.
100% Made in the USA Glass Work.

Huge Oversized Cobalt
Silver and Gold Fumed with light wrake
Bubble trap
Normal Size Medium Pack
18mm Simax Joint
Push Ball profile
Clear Marbles For Grip

By purchasing this product you agree that you are (1) AT
LEAST 18 years of age (2) Recognize that these pipes are intended
for tobacco use only or display purposes (3) You have reviewed
your local laws regarding these tobacco related products.

If you dont understand the 3 terms above please do not purchase.

If necessary please be prepared to prove any of these terms.