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18K GOLD filled Harmony ball sound Pendant Mexican Bola

Metal:18KGP Nickel free

Shake it, and it will make a fair-sounding echo.
these pendants were originally designed
We would have one of the largest jewel product ranges in Hongkong
As we manufacture and export all over the world


The Mexican Bola/Harmony ball is a pendant with a chime ball inside used by pregnant ladies. It has been used for generations by Mexican ladies who found that the soothing sound of the chime ball against the tummy calmed and soothed their babies and that is how the term 'Mexican Bola' was adopted. It has now become extremely popular and fashionable as more and more mothers get to experience the benefits of the Mexican Bola.

The Mexican Bola is a wonderful keepsake as it lasts forever and can be used for all your children or passed on to the next generation. It is also a great soothing tool for a new born infant as the sound is familiar to them.

A baby starts hearing external sounds through vibrations from the mothers tummy from 18/20 weeks gestation. The bola is worn on a long string that reaches the belly button and as the mother moves it chimes.

The Mexican Bola is a stunning piece of jewellery and makes a great gift for all the people.

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