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Pink Pudica
Rare and Exotic
This semi dwarf evergreen is perfect for
landscaping. Bunches of large pale pink petals with a thin line of
dark pink around the edges. It has a long bloom season, is more
cold tolerant and has beautiful strong perfumed flowers.


Sale is for 2 Pink Pudica 12"-16"
Plus one FREE BONUS mystery cutting.
Our cuttings
come from our own trees grown in Florida.
Cuttings will be dipped in rooting hormone.
Leaves will be removed before shipping.
Planting instructions will be included with each order

The Plumeria is undoubtedly one of the
most beautiful and delightful plants grown in the world.
Plumeria is also known as the Hawaiian Lei flower. The Plumeria
is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of
America and has spread to all the tropical areas of the
world. It flourishes in Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Central America
as well as South East Asia.
Plumeria make
beautiful potted plants for the porch, patio or garden.
However, in milder climates, plumeria can be grown outdoors in the
ground, where they make a small beautiful landscape trees. When
temperatures dip into the low 40's they may be stored in their
containers or uprooted carefully trying to take as much root as
possible and stored over winter in a heated basement or garage
where temperatures are kept above freezing. As soon as temperatures
rise outdoors they can be brought out and planted again. They will
resume growth, leaf out and begin to grow as if nothing
Plumeria require very little care.
Caution - Over watering at the potting stage
will rot your cutting. There are no roots at this time to take up
water, so the cutting will rot. Too much water will induce growth
and prevent the flowering process. Pot them in a well
draining soil such as cactus mix. Lightly mist about once a
Bring the tropics into your home
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Enjoy your new exotic Plumeria!
Create your very own Tropical Paradise

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