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"Break another downstem? Need a replacement quick? Look no further!
This downstem is made from Lab Grade Borosilicate Glass. It has been annealed for strength.
We measure the ""clear"" portion of our downstems only when sizing so be sure you are ordering the correct length.
This stem features hand popped holes that have been flame polished.
Each hole breaks up the air/smoke further diffusing the draw creating a more cooler and smoother experience.
This stem is extra durable as the entire tip has been fire polished and annealed so it's one of the most durable downstems in our collection.
If you or your buddies are accident prone, THIS is the stem for you!
The glass ground joint on this stem is double stacked meaning the male and female joints are the same size allowing a consistent diameter of tubing for the entire stem creating the least amount of restriction and best air flow.
The extra benefit of have an extra tall stem is that the slide is closer to you so you can see all the action.
This item is hand made.
We feel that it’s important that you the consumer knows where your glass comes from so you can make an informed decision. We are glass resellers not glass blowers so while we can’t say for sure who makes this item, we can say how it was made. We take the time to thoroughly vet our suppliers and make sure our goods are of high quality and standards. While we won’t deceive you and say that these are ""MADE IN USA"", we can say that these are ""well made and you will like what you see or your money back!""
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