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The hair is the richest ornament of women

1) This' a set of human hair extension for a full head. The total
number of pieces is 6 . the details are as follows:
one piece: 5" wide ( 3 clips -for the upper back of head )

one pieces: 6" wide ( 4 clips -for the lower back of head )
four pieces: 3" wide each piece ( 2 clips each piece -for sides )
the total width is 23"
the total number of the clips is 15
the length of every piece is 18"
(approx ?18inches ? 45cm )
2) Total weight: 80 g (approx)
3) Texture: straight and silky
4) Style: clip on extension
5) Material: 100% genuine human hair
6) Condition: new
7) Color: you can choose the color in the color chart below


If you choose other color,please tell me which color you like when paying,

or send me a message

Pay attention

The color in the screen of computer is a little different
from the real color,so please elect your color according to the international color code if you have the color a matter of fact,color is a factor where the dispute is easy to be caused between us,so I hope you can send me the picture of your hair
if it's convenient and possible to you so that I can dye according to that .maybe you'll say the color in your camera is a little different from the color showed in my computer,that's true.but compared with the former,the latter is far more reliable.also I think that's the very reason why you'll have to grant me your great tolerance if the difference happenes unfortunately.Lol

How to do if there's no
your color in my store
Please send me the sample color.I have a special team who boast they can dye any color in this earth,it just depends on the cost.I've always been being puzzled by what they said.if you can give me a color they can't dye,I'll take their salary of one month off as a prize which will be presented to you.Lol!
Free gift
great surprise

Each buyer who buy this item will be presented a free gift from me.
I bet,it's the greatest surprise in this world,for anyone in this world can't guess out what the gift is.if one can,I'll give her or him this human hair extension freely


The price contains shipping & insurance.
(note:only if you request faster shipping method such as EMS,UPS,DHL ,FEDEX etc,
you need to pay additional fee )

We'll offer a discount if you buy more than one item.please email me so that I can send you a bill minus that discount if you do that
If two, 5% discount
If three, 10% discount or free faster shipping without discount
If three-five, 15% discount

Return Policy

To give a high confidence and guarantee to each buyer, we will gladly accept any return for refunding or replacing without any reason and excuse.
To prevent the mail from losting, the return mail should be shipped by the registered mail
The buyer should pay the shipping fee for returning and sending back again to the buyer
The item should be returned to us in the original condition
We'll refund you as soon as we receive the goods returned


This item is on free shipping,but it's only based
on ordinary registered
air mail,which takes 25-40 business days to reach you

If you want it faster,please email me for international express such as UPS,EMS,DHL etc and pay additional fee.the international express takes 4-6 days to US,Canada,Australia,
Europe.The shipping and handling fee is $20 for first one , free for every additional item.if you choose this way, please contact me so that I can send you a bill including this shipping fee for you to pay.

on the circumstance of ordinary registered air mail,there is still occasionally delay on international shipping even in USA, Canada, UK, Australia due to the bad weather,the Customs etc which are unpredictable.please give me your great tolerance if that happenes unfortunately.what I can do for you on shipping is just electing the most excellent shipping company,but the process after that is beyond my control indeed.the buyer can't give me bad feedback or low rating on it.excuse me ! one who can't accept that have to choose my faster shipping or don't bid.
All items will be shipped as "gift",that'll make you minimize customs tax legally and protect personal privacy,but we're not responsible for any customs tax
Please make sure your shipping address in paypal is correct. We will only ship to your Paypal address

100% human hair extension
can't be more genuine

I guarantee that all of my hair are completely genuine remy human hair.if you find even one hair isn't genuine,please report to ebay asap and I'll make amends according to one fake hair vs one thousand usd.meanwhile,I'll give myself a tonsure and deliver
all of my hair to you as a compensation.only monks
and prisoners in China can't have their own hair,I'll like to be neither a monk nor a prisoner

What's Remy hair

Let's say it in another way.the hair has its heads and roots.put all of the heads together and all of the roots together,then you can call this hair Remy hair.
with Remy-hair,you can do what your own hair can do such as curling,straighting,dying ect.but non-remy hair can't be done like that,even though it's human hair. maybe it can once or twice,but you'll definitely never be satisfied with the effect. what's more,Remy hair can last far longer time than non-remy-hair

Installment ( look,beauty can be created in this way )


Press with your two thumbs
on the back of the clip,snap it to
open,make its teech down


Locate the area where you
want to insert,part your hair and
fasten the hair above


Insert your own hair into
the clip,then close it


Comb your own hair down
over the human hair extension and
blend them together

Because it's human hair,so just treat it as you treat your own hair.the more kindly you treat it,the more beautiful it'll make you be
Wash with quality shampoo and conditioner
Hang or lay flat to dry naturally

Keep it in a used newspaper,then collect it in shady area when it isn't in's said that's the best way to maintain it.It's a secret,don't tell anyone else unless she buy my hair.LOL!
Duration of usage
Two years
Actually,some of our products have been working more than 3 years and it's still in very good condition.therefore,for the season of caution,I only promise two years.and the precondition is maintaining it carefully
Because it's human hair,so it has all features of human can be curled, straightened and dyed.long lasting,no fading.besides,
there's another advantage your hair hasn't,that's it can change you immediately,easy to attach and remove,totally DIYABLE,which is what your hair can't do
In very few cases,it's possible that there'll one or two hair which is gray or split,you can draw them out to settle this matter.after all,it's the human hair,not synthetic material which haven't this matter. That's the flaw of our product.I admit our product isn't flawless.also,I think the seller should tell the truth to the buyer honestly

which set of human hair extension

for a full head will you need

the following is a reference for you,but not a standard


140g, thicker

120g, thick

100g, natural

80 g, general




120g, general

Plus: you can send me your photo of the whole you and let me
make my comment as your reference if you'll never blame me after you receive it and don't like it.after all,sometimes,one man's meat
is another man's poison

How to rate the hair you receive

The first is the quality of the hair

The second is the weight of the hair

But the most important is:which is suitable to you,which is the best

How to identify human hair

It's easy to know the truth.remove a few hair and burn it.both the human hair and the fake hair will turn into ash.poke it to see what happenes.if it'll break into ash which is very very tiny and very consistent in size,then it's human hair;if it can't break into tiny ash or the ash is large and inconsistent in size and tousy, then it's fake

The best hair is in Asia
I hope the people beyond Asia aren't averse with this title.I'm not a a matter of fact,God prefers you to us so that he gave you the plain land,but gave us the high mountain and dankish climate where the hair is exactly suitable to grow. lol ! God is always congratulations! you've made a correct choice when you're here

The reason why you choose my human hair
I'm always puzzled by the low price of human hair of other sellers.meanwhile,I'm always shocked by the high price of the seller of western countries.with some low price,I'm sure it can't afford the cost;with high price,I'm sure it can't afford human who sell human hair has to have human conscience.the buyer can remark that my hair is more expensive than the hair of others.but I can say: on the circumstance of the same price,my quality is definitely better than others;on the other hand,on the circumstance of the same quality,my price is definitely cheaper than others. I have a reason to verify this point.I'm in YIWU city of China,which is called as World Supermarket,it's also the base of fair processing of the world.the finest hair and the cheapest hair in this world is just can search YIWU in your computer and find what I say is true.chinese possesses a vivid saying,it goes:one cent,one,if you buy my hair,you can bet:you get a merchandise whose quality is best in this world on its price and whose price is the cheapest in this world on its quality
Chinese traditional medicine tell you how to earn a head of great hair
In the statement of chinese traditional medicine, human hair is controlled by human kidney.a weak kidney causes a poor it's better to improve your kidney than to improve your's a recipe of food which can improve your kidney,eat them for some time. not only your hair will be better,but your health will be better as well.they're:gingili,walnut,
sunflower seeds,cashew,pistachio,almond,pine,
niggertoe.for the restriction of version space,I can only tell you a little about that here,but I'll print more here in the future.soto your favorite is really benefit to your hair and health. Lol !
The human hair extension is one of the latest products in beauty trade,so many people still don't know it. here's a series of pictures which can make you have an understanding on this wonderful beauty weapon
General information


We'll never accept any bad feedback or low rating without contacting us at first,no matter what it is,for we really don't think we'll have any point we won't do well for you.If you have any dissatisfaction,that'll definitely stem from what I don't know.So please contact me immediately when you have any complain instead of leaving bad feedback at first.
Communication is the best way to settle any trouble in this world.Remember:no matter who you are, where you are,what the matter is,we'll always be beside you,and always be responsible for you and your items,and will surely give you a contented resolution as long as you're as reasonable and understanding as us.if you agree the terms above,please just bid.if no,excuse me,please quit
One who leave me the positive feedback will take 5% discount when bidding next good turn deserves another! Lol !

For the season of the conveniece of shipping,the human hair extension will be folded.they'll look in a little disorder.don't worry,just wash it and hang it to dry,then a beautiful,straight,silky and soft human hair will appear before you. because our products are genuine remy human hair,so we'll never worry about folding the hair.if you fold non-remy human hair,it's very hard for they to return the original shape
Contact me
is my msn.Mr.Shaw in China is always expecting you.never worry about disturbing me.sometimes,
the more you ask,the more satisfied you will be
My working time:
8.00pm--8.00am ( washington time of US )
Your question will be replied immediately during that timeframe.out of that,your question will be replied within 12 hours
Also,you can open the following link to see if I'm online

Last surprise

Here's the ending. I'm so thankful to you for your great patience.anyway,it's enjoyable that one's article have been read completely by someone reward your great work,besides the gift mentioned above,I'd like you to choose another free gift in my store whose price is below $4.99 if you buy this human hair extension.remember:when you pay,note:I read your article completely,please give me this item as a gift whose number is??, then I'll know it's you,a kind and a lucky buyer.

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