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Crazy Horse (Tashunka Witko) (1842 ? 1877) ?Hoka Hey! It is a
good time to die! Chief Crazy Horse is known as the greatest
warrior ever of the Oglala Sioux (Teton Lakota). He was born on
Rapid Creek, Dakota Territory, about 1842. He died September 5,
1877 at Fort Robinson, Nebraska after being stabbed with a bayonet
while struggling to keep from being placed inside a guard house
when he thought he was going to a meeting with white leaders to
correct a misunderstanding resulting from a deliberate
misrepresentation of his words by an interpreter during an earlier
conference. He was highly regarded by his people, jealously envied
by some rival chiefs and would be leaders of the Lakota people and
greatly feared by the soldiers. This combination of jealousy and
fear led to his death.

, Oglala
"A very great vision is needed
and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the
deepest blue of the sky. I was hostile to the white man...we
preferred hunting to a life of idleness on our reservations. At
times we did not get enough to eat and we were not allowed to hunt.
All we wanted was peace and to be left alone. Soldiers came and
destroyed our villages. Then Long Hair (Custer) came...They say we
massacred him, but he would have done the same to us. Our first
impulse was to escape but we were so hemmed in we had to
Crazy Horse, as Remembered

(Charles A. Eastman)
Crazy Horse (Tashunkewitko) was
born on the Republican River about 1845. He was killed at Fort
Robinson, Nebraska, in 1877, so that he lived barely thirty-three
He was an uncommonly handsome
man. While not the equal of Gall in magnificence and imposing
stature, he was physically perfect, an Apollo in symmetry.
Furthermore he was a true type of Indian refinement and grace. He
was modest and courteous as Chief Joseph; the difference is that he
was a born warrior, while Joseph was not. However, he was a gentle
warrior, a true brave, who stood for the highest ideal of the
Sioux. Notwithstanding all that biased historians have said of him,
it is only fair to judge a man by the estimate of his own people
rather than that of his enemies.
boyhood of Crazy Horse was passed in the days when the western
Sioux saw a white man but seldom, and then it was usually a trader
or a soldier. He was carefully brought up according to the tribal
customs. At that period the Sioux prided themselves on the training
and development of their sons and daughters, and not a step in that
development was overlooked as an excuse to bring the child before
the public by giving a feast in its honour. At such times the
parents often