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This CD will allow you to do what Mind Masters have done thoughout Centuries!  Think about having the ability to ...

Attain Enlightenment Now

without any conscious effort on your own...

What will you be like when you reach the goal of being...


This is a brand new audio CD and, if you let it, it will change your life forever.   This is simply amazing.   No kidding.  Listen, do you remember reading about the Budda?  Remember that he spent all this time striving to reach that stage or "enlightenment"?  Well, don't waste your life away - trying to find the necessary time in order to achieve enlightenment after 20-30 + years -- just plug into this audio CD and take off - into another world.  A world that will soon be your reality as you BECOME ENLIGHTENED NOW!

Look, this audio uses the latest in mind science to literally re-program your mind to allow your inner power to achieve enlightenment -- imagine - you'll know what it is to be enlightened... you'll FEEL the way it feels to be enlightened, you'll CHOOSE to make the right choices from a HIGHER perspective and you'll be able to UNDERSTAND "things" in your life, better than you ever could before.

By Now, you realize that in order to be truly developed to that person who you were always meant to be - is just around the corner.   As you can tell from the title, this is an audio CD that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE - completely - forever - NOW you can BECOME enlightened...

Why wait any longer?  By now you know you need this CD to achieve that most "sought after state of being" and by listening to this CD on a regular basis, you will KNOW more than you thought every day, more and more than you have ever been before.  This will affect your life to allow you to Be, Do, and HAVE what you've always wanted. 

You know that - inside your mind is an intense power, a power that you probably have never used on a consistent basis.   You know that this is simply WAITING for you to TAKE ACTION.  You have inside yourself this power and it is just waiting for you to tap into it.  Do you know what you WILL do once you reach that STATE?

The answer my friend is ANYTHING and the possibilities are honestly ENDLESS...

This audio uses NLP, Hypnosis, Dual Binaural Beats and a patented mind science called " Brain Talk" used in a double or a dual induction.   

This was digitally recorded for your success.   By simply listening to this audio you will be able to become so enthusiastic now, nothing will stop you from GETTING WHAT YOU WANT, LIVING THAT LIFE YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN IS YOURS... NOW!  So you can get where you are going, here and now.

Now this is the true power waiting for you to TAKE ACTION and buy this CD now.   Then, put some stereo headphones on and RELAX and ALLOW IT TO WORK FOR YOU.  All you have to do, is listen to this specifically programmed audio and live the life you were always meant to live.

Please note:   For those who believe this is possible, no explanation in needed for how and why it works.   For those who are skeptics, forever will their questions remain unanswered.

Now, USE that SECRET POWER of ENLIGHTENMENT!!  Go ahead and use it, NOW...

  • With "Brain-Talk"™ Technology® You WILL use both sides of your mind together while your mind is literally programmed for Your Ultimate Success!

  • Use this audio CD NOW, to tap into the precious power of your unconscious mind!

  • Warning!: Because of the FDA and several other governmental and non-governmental industries, we can not and will not guarantee this or any other product we produce!  This audio is not designed to replace a Doctor or Health Practitioner .

  • No concentration is required, all you have to do is plug yourself in and meditate, relax, or sleep!  That's it!


  • This audio track lasts approximately 30 minutes .


LISTEN:  This is probably one of the MOST amazing CDs that has ever been produced.  You can ACHIEVE ENLIGHTENMENT NOW!  That is what this auction is for -- this brand new CD from Reed -- that will literally allow you to become enlightened- JUST LIKE THE BUDDA, JESUS AND OTHERS! -- Imagine BEING ABLE TO REACH THE COMPREHENSION achieved by SO few!  and there is simply nothing out there that comes even close to THIS CD.  Many can try, but they lack the essential mind-brain technologies...

This auction is for one (1) audio NLP, Dual Binaural Beats, Hypnosis CD that is the Only one USED by the MASTERS of the MIND.  

Read what other people just like you have experienced when they USE Reed's systems and CDs:

Reed Received this testimonial on August 8, 2002 --
"I would just like to say that last year I purchased the CMCS [Complete Mind Control System] from you and it has been an excellent program. IT DOES WORK I was totally amazed. Thank you and looking forward to future purchases."

"I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had got a cassette from
you about 2 months ago or longer. On Mind Control On Others. This tape
is so awesome it worked for me 3 days after I received it. 
Bright Blessings To You, and Thank You for doing this making these
tapes. Your an awesome person. Thanks, D. D."

"Man the work you guy's are putting out is getting better and better. I'm blown away with the latest i received.. has me buzzing all over.. it was #2 in the seduction series "automatic flirt / pheromone"  Ive studied hypnosis for about 4 years now.. "Erickson.. etc." that latest CD is da'bomb.  This evening at the Community College i go to, i was a flirting machine.. all had a blast during our breaks!" -- regarding Reed's Automatic Flirt CD


"I have just run through your 4 CD "Mental Psychic Seduction System" and I just wanted to say that your expert use of Dual Binaural Beat Technology, much like Shamanic drumming, makes them the most powerful recorded hypnotic inductions I have ever experianced, more powerful than either 'Major Mark' Cunninghams "Hypnotic Awakenings" or evan Dr X's "Personal XXXXXXx Series". What is truly fascinating to me, though, was the immediately noticeable effects of the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" on my everyday encounters with other people. As far as I could tell, I was behaving just the same as I was before the inductions and yet, everyone I met after running through the System, especially women, reacted differently to me, in a much more relaxed, open and friendly way. At first, I assumed that the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" had simply enhanced my rapport skills at an unconscious level, which would be worth the price of the System alone. In fact, I found that when I deliberately set out to assertively lead rather than pace, I found that women were suprisingly happy to go along with whatever I suggested! Beyond these amazing new skills, I have found fabulous new synchronicities occurring on an ever increasing basis, as if the Universe itself was lending a friendly hand in my wishes and desires. Worth the investment many times over!!!" P.K. Received August 28, 2002


REMEMBER -- Reed's CDs will work for you, period.  All you have to do is put on stereo headphones and listen -- that's it.

THESE TECHNIQUES WORK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CD OUT THERE, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT USES BRAIN-TALK™ TECHNOLOGY, which you will ONLY find on Reed's CDs and no where else!  Please review the terms and conditions below.

Why get these CDs over some other CDs?

Reed uses phrases like - "The Most Advanced Mind Development Systems," that his CDs are "Cutting Edge Life Enhancing Audios," and that his CDs are "The Most Powerful NLP Hypnosis CDs on the Market!"

Those are very bold statements aren't they.  This section will explain WHY you should get Reed's CDs instead of the average, ordinary, normal, bland hypnosis audios . . . read on . . .

Why are Master Reed's cutting edge hypnosis CDs more powerful than anything else out there?

Basically, Reed uses a synergistic approach to mind development and training.  His work is anything but your average ordinary hypnosis tape.  Not only does he use hypnosis, but he also incorporates other mind changing technologies like the power of dual binaural beats, double or dual inductions, relaxing natural background sounds (like ocean waves), Erickson style hypnosis, post-hypnotic commands, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), anchors, and subliminal commands.

Reed uses these technologies together to create a synergistic effect on your mind to speed up any change work you desire and to make it permanent.   But wait, that's not all.  Reed also researches and develops proprietary cutting edge mind technologies that you will find no where else on earth!  These include Brain-Talk™ Technology, Dream Technology™, and most recently - Audible Affirmation Technology™ or AAT™ for short.  Reed is constantly researching, testing and developing the latest cutting edge technologies to "program the mind" better, faster, and to make it permanent.

Literally, Reed has already done all the work for you.

Why is it so important for you to have hypnosis CDs that use these new technologies and synergistic methods?

Remember, everyone's mind is different because we are products of our programming and experiences in life.  Each of us have developed our senses in different ways.  Whether your preferred sense is sight, sound, tactile (touch), taste, smell, or discernable feelings (sixth sense), Reed has integrated your preferred method of learning into these CDs.  Perhaps you are more visual, where another is more kinesthetic.  If you purchase a generic hypnosis audio from somewhere else, you will likely receive someone's voice with an induction and suggestions based on THEIR preferred sense.  This means that unless you are in sync with them, then the tape or CD will just take that much longer - if ever to work!

As a student, I learned that if we can involve more of our senses, that we can learn anything faster and remember it better.  Have you ever heard that before?  For example, if I want to memorize a paragraph of information verbatim (word-for-word), I can just read the paragraph once.  How do you think that will do?   Do you think I would remember it word for word?  Probably not.  But what if I read it out-loud and I heard my voice as I read the paragraph.  My chances are better.  Now what if I mentally place myself into the paragraph and act out what I am memorizing.  What if I can taste the paragraph, and smell the environment where it was written, what if I can see myself confidentially repeating the words as I feel confident and in control while I read it out-loud?  Do you see how many senses were involved?  The chances of remembering verbatim become better don't they.  Not only that, but not add the power of repetition.  Now, your chance for success are assured.  This is the power of synergy and repetition.  Reed's products are the only ones in the world that securely utilize these powers and processes.

As you might have heard, it would take a computer the size of Texas to equal the power of your brain.  Your mind is infinitely more powerful than science has realized and, perhaps even more powerful that you've realized.  So, don't settle for an average, ordinary, and cheap hypnosis tape or CD, get something that will tap into your infinite mental potential; get one of Master Reed's CDs and change your life - permanently.

This is WHY you should get Master Reed's CDs Immediately - My contract is now WEEK by WEEK - He can PULL it from me ANYTIME!!!   So, this might very well be the LAST auction you'll see from me!!!  BID NOW!!!

Here are some additional benefits of purchasing one of Reed's programs:

(1) you will be guided into a pleasant and peaceful hypnotic state; (2) you will go into hypnosis and experience relaxation; (3) you will feel that your mind and body are changing as you listen; (4) you will actually hear specific suggestions and commands that will bring to you, your desired result; (5) you will awake feeling energized and ready to go; (6) using the proprietary Brain-Talk™ Technology, your mind will be programmed for the desired permanent changes; (7) you will gain the stated ability or change within 24 hours to 60 days depending on several things - including you suggestibility, prior programming, willingness to change, etc.; (8) you will become the person you desire to be; (9) and these changes will remain permanent.

ONLY $9.97 + S&H!!!  Bid NOW!!!

P.S.  Don't wait, bid now!  I only have limited quantities, once they are gone, there won't be any left!

Please view the TERMS & CONDITIONS:

Shipping is $3.50 first class mail in the United States.  International rates vary, please contact me for international rates.  I accept Pay-Pal - all funds must be in US dollars.  Payment is expected within 5 days of end of auction.  Please respect this.  Please only bid if you will follow thorough.  I will leave you positive feedback if payment is received within 5 days.  Please contact me within 3 days of end of auction.  If you are not able to follow these terms please do not bid.  If you have any questions please e-mail me.  Because of the FDA and other governmental regulations, I can not and will not guarantee ANYTHING regarding this CD! This CD has worked for others, but there is NO promise or guarantee that it will work for you. To save on postage please view my other auctions!

The title of this audio CD is: " Attain Unlimited Enlightenment Dual Induction, Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD with Brain-Talk Technology™"

The CD is copyrighted by J. D. Enterprises.  This ad is copyrighted © 2001-2006  Excellence International.

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