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VALEO �D6RA Series Starter Tune Up Repair Kit (Major) Fits ALL VALEO Starters Part # 's D6RAxxx As used on BMW R Model 247 / Airhead 1988-1995 BMW R Model 259 / Oilhead 1993-2004 and Moto Guzzi 1988-2004 ************************************************************ Kit includes all normal wearing parts and rubber gaskets for a quick and easy starter maintenance �tune-up�; a) Carbon Brushes with soldered-on leads x 2 (positive brush x 1, negative brush x 1) b) Bushings; Center x 1, Commutator End x 1, Drive End x 1 c) Brush Spring x 1 d) Brush Insulators x 2 e) Brush Holder Insulator x 1 (rubber) f) Commutator Cover Gasket x 1 (rubber) g) Brush Holder x 1 Manufactured in France, and EEC. ************************************************************Fits following VALEO starters (and more) BMW D6RA7, D6RA15 D6RA55, D6RA75 Moto Guzzi D6RA21, D6RA210 ************************************************************All starters require mechanical maintenance, as any other item on your motorcycle. Sintered bronze bushings at the drive end and armature commutator end will loose their lubricosity and do wear. The wear will eventually create mechanical drag on the on the armature shaft. As this gradual wear deteriorates the starter�s performance, the amperage draw increases. Less amperage is available for the ignition system, thus potentially causing a �hard start� condition. Benefit: Replacing the normal wearing load-bearing surfaces with new bushings will renew the starter�s rotational performance. Carbon brushes and the shunt leads are exposed to 275+ amps of current. The normal material loss of the brush material needs to be renewed. Braided copper shunt leads can corrode and deteriorate, leading to incomplete amperage transfer to armature and field coils. Simple soldering is all that is required. Benefit: Replacing the carbon brushes and leads will allow efficient battery amperage utilization. Brush Springs loose their tension from age and heat soak cycles.Benefit: Replacing the springs ensures the brushes are in full contact of the armature's high RPM spinning commutator ensuring full amperage and voltage transfer. Rubber gaskets deteriorate and allow moisture to penetrate into the starter. Benefit: Replacing the rubber gaskets will seal the starter from potential water ingress. ************************************************************ Also have other major service repair components for VALEO starters available including; Field Magnet Housings with improved adhesive for magnets (clockwise for Airhead & counter-clockwise for Oilhead & Moto Guzzi) Solenoids Drives Armatures ************************************************************ Brand NEW Valeo starters available�see my other eBay auctions. For : BMW R Model 247 / Airheads / 1977-1995 9 tooth Starter BMW R Model 259 / Oilheads / 1993-2004 Starter Moto Guzzi All 5+ speed transmission / 1972-2004 Starter Coming soon--EXCLUSIVE; NEW VALEO 8 TOOTH STARTER FOR BMW R Model 247 / Airheads 1970-1976 ************************************************************ Also BOSCH starter service repair parts available. ************************************************************Why buy used or rebuilt ?Repair your own starter or rebuild an old core ? Now the new original equipment parts are available !Please check for prices.Please specify the VALEO or BOSCH starter # you are inquiring about. (example VALEO D6RA7 or BOSCH # 0 001 157 023) ****************************************************************************************Ground shipping to Continental USA is included usually around $3.00 for most kits and $5.00 for larger components. Express service and shipping available. Please feel free to communicate for more information regarding your Bosch and Valeo starter requirements. ------------------------------------------------------------1.719.487.9397 eves or see euromotoelectrics. See ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Western Union� Auction Payments � auction payments made easy