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Nothing in life is guaranteed


Comes close to guaranteed

150 - Capsules

(This bottle will give you a head start into controlling your weight)

Are you tired of taking pills that don’t work? These pills will help to control your appetite and give you an exorbitant amount of energy. After taking them for one day you will see and feel the difference. Besides that they are all
natural. We are a start-up Mom and Pop business. We do everything ourselves. We purchase all the herbs, prepare, and package ourselves. This way we know what’s in them. (No surprises) We have also been the guinea pigs before we introduced them to the market. We have been selling for one year with great results. We have been selling on our web site ebay with great results. If you look at the feedback you will see. No complaints! Just consistent happy clients.

BRAZILIAN PRO, the ALL NATURAL DIET PILL is a weight loss formula that utilizes a ground-breaking dual
system to help you lose weight. BRAZILIAN PRO cleanses and detoxifies while increasing energy and metabolic function.

A comprehensive weight loss formula, BRAZILIAN PRO consists of ingredients used for years to reduce
appetite, increase energy levels and enhance metabolism. This multifaceted approach makes it extremely effective in reducing caloric intake while simultaneously increasing caloric burn. The combination of ingredients Brazilian Pro has been proven to produce weight loss results.

1. Speed up your metabolism
2. Curbs your Appetite & Makes you feel Full
4. Burns Fat
5. Get rid of Toxins
6. Constipation Relief
7. Lose Excess Water
8. Increases energy levels
They are All Natural and Safe.Some of the natural herbs contains vitamins the body needs like Vitamin A, C, B Complex and more.


1. Cha de Bugre, the main ingredient in BRAZILIAN PRO. All Natural Diet Pill has been used for years as a
powerful weight loss aid. A remarkable appetite suppressant, it gives you the sensation of being full after eating small amounts of food. This promotes smaller meals, which helps elevate your metabolism so it operates at optimal efficiency. Studies also suggest that Chá de Bugre may help prevent or reduce fat deposits and cellulite.

Other Ingredients : Astragalus,Barley Powder, Noni Fruit , Organic Spirulina, Wheat-grass, Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones, ,Konjac, a special tropical herbal blend

Not recommended for children, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or if you are pregnant or nursing.
Consult a physician prior to use if you have any medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

(Expires 12/2014)

RETAILERS is a small Mom and Pop company that sell many below cost items.
However we begin specializing in all natural herbal products. We are not a big
corporation. My sisters and I went to Brazil and admired all of the
women. They had long luxurious hair and with beautiful bodies. After speaking
to some of the women, we discovered they believed in all natural products. They
told us about this shop that sells the all natural hair growth and diet pills.
We brought some back to the states but found out it was difficult to buy more
from Brazil.
We found out all the ingredients, researched them and enhanced the product, by
adding more herbs. We changed the name and checked with the FDA on
Nutraceutical products and formed our own company. We are our own guinea pigs.
If it doesn’t work for us, how can it work for anyone else? We purchase all the
natural herbs, capsules, bottles and make our own labels. Each order is
prepared freshly by us. Therefore we know exactly what is in our products and
there are no surprises. We want to make sure they are all natural herbs
and vitamins. We have extended our line to water pills, menstrual &
menopause relievers, and arthritis pain relievers. Sometimes you will buy a
product with a fancy bottle and no results. Our bottle may not be fancy, but
our products will get the job done. However, we are still working on our visual
presentation, to enable us to be more viable with larger companies and compete