Item Description
Brand New Japan Rapid weight loss Diet Pills Stubbornness type
Lose 2 pounds a day
- Special for those who are failed several times in slimming and fat males.
- 300mg x 30psules
Made in Japan
This brand new high-quality Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills are made from Green alga which is a second-generation anti-fat ingredient.
Japan Weight loss diet pills help the over fat person lose weight, and keep the long lasting reducing result.
It`s so Easy, effective & Healthy!!!
Green alga help convert mast fat cells into flat cells effectively without fat. As soon as the cell membrane sticks together, cells n no longer absorb fat. Also it penetrate into the cortex, tng the source of fat to stop fat cells from expanding.
It n destroy fat chain to decompose and release fat.
Bamboo powder, green alga extract, shell polyose, vegetable fiber, Dilcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid (Vegetable), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium rboxymethylcellulose, Maltodextrin, Dextrose Monohydrate, Titanium Dioxide, Lecithin (Soya), Red #40 Dye, Sodium Citrate Dyhydrate.
As a dietary supplement, take 2 psules in the morning 30 minutes prior to breakfast at the first 3 days, take 3 psules at the following days. Each time on an empty stoh with 8 oz. of water. Do not exceed 4 psules in any 24-hour period. Use Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills with a low-fat, lorie-reduced diet and exercise program last at least 45 minutes daily.
Product Description:
Nume of product Xiushentang (Slimming Parlour) green algae fat dissoing element
Type Teenager type Beauty type Noblewoman type Stubbornness type Trial pack
Applible population 13 -18 years old fat teenagers Fat female youth Fat woman ter postnatal Those who are failed several times in slimming and fat males Fat people who are 18 years old or over
Packing specifitions 300mg x 30psules/box 300mg x 10psules/box
Ingredients Natural green algae extract (see nutrition components for detail)
Functions Regulate endocrine, balance nutrition, accelerate metabolism,dissoe fat, expel toxin and stale feces. Not only reduce cell volume, but also reduce the number of fat cells. It is not common to rebound ter slimming.
Instructions for uses 1.Take it once a day, 2 pills each time. Take it when stoh is empty in the morning.
2.For the people who want quick slimming, take once day with 3 pills each time 3 days ter the above applition.
3.For the people who the body weight is reduced too fast, take once a day and 1 pill each time.
Notice 1. Pregnant, ldren, mamboing woman, heart disease, kidney function disease are prohibited to take this product
2. It is prohibited to take it with other medicine.
3. Trial pack should not be taken for a long time, please select suitable type of product to aeve perfect body shape.
Storage Keep it in a dry place at roon temperature
Date of expiration Take it before the date indited in the package
Name of factory Japan Wutian Central Seaweed Research Institute
Address of factory Tokyo, Japan
NO. Name of product Unit
Net content/100g
teenager type Beauty Type Noblewoman type Stubbornness type
1 Fat dissoing fiber g 10.1 27.7 30.0 38.9 Dissoe fat, reduce fat cell number
2 Dietary fiber g 46.3 35.0 31.0 27.1 Break down fat, accelerate intestine motion, expel toxin, treat comstipation
3 G.F.F. g 3.0 6.2 6.7 5.3 Biologilly active factor
4 Pantothenic acid mg 4.1 3.5 4.0 3.0 Regulate endocrine, replenish nutrition, accelerate metabolism
5 Iodine mcg 681.3 879.3 886.8 686.8 Take part in the synthesis of thyroid gland
6 lcium mg 583.6 364.1 471.3 283.8 Enrich lcium
7 Iron mg 168.3 247.0 287.9 168.8 Enrich the blood
8 Zinc mg 60.0 83.0 81.0 71.8 Tonify the kidney
9 Niacin mg 12.6 34.7 35.6 24.6 prevent skin diseases
10 Protein g 27.0 21.0 20.7 16.0 improve immunity
11 rbohydrate g 11.9 8.3 9.2 11.0 Provide 65% of energy
12 Energy Kl 370 373 360 370
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