Item Description
Fully Worked Reversal Ball Push Slide by HGS

These full color slides are unbelievably thick and solid, they all have perfect packs and beautiful color combos and flawless construction.
These color slides are designed to last a long time unlike other thin walled slides that cant handle the normal abuse that should be expected (banging around, tappin out, falling off of the couch or table,etc,etc..),
also note how solid the color is which is very important when buying worked glass these have zero signs of washed out color or lack of glass..
Once again Beautiful Handcrafted 100% Made in the USA Glass Work.

Full Color Prizm Push Slide
Super Thick wall 7mm
14mm Lenz German Joint
Reversal Ball profile
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky blue, Navy blue, White and Black.


By purchasing this product you agree that you are (1) AT
LEAST 18 years of age (2) Recognize that these pipes are intended
for tobacco use only or display purposes (3) You have reviewed
your local laws regarding these tobacco related products.

If you dont understand the 3 terms above please do not purchase.

If necessary please be prepared to prove any of these terms.