Item Description
New 11-arm Ash Catcher

Joint Size 14mm

Color Clear

Material HQ Boro Glass

This 11 arm ash catcher has a 18.8 mm glass on glass connection piece for your bong. Inside you will see 11 blue/green tree arms - the diffusers - that will brake the smoke into smaller bubbles. This is an important aspect of this ash catcher since the majority of ash catchers on the market have only one diffuser!

The most important aspect of this tree ash catcher is the number of slits and diffusers it has. Usually you will see ash catchers with 1 or 2 diffusers but this glass ash catcher has 11 diffusers. More important each diffuser has 3 slits or holes for at total of 33 slits which will make the smoking a divine sensation! The more slits an ash catcher has the more cool and smooth the smoke is going to be.

Made from high quality boro glass this ash catcher will last for years and years of usage