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Obama Is Nailin' Palin

 This quickie followup to the hit Who's Nailin' Paylin? has Larry Flynt going to the vaults, with five scenes taken from his Take It Black video series, fleshing out the single new scene with title rolers Lisa Ann and Guy DiSilva, to make up a full-length feature. Mandingo appears in two of the 5 retread scenes, while the best of the litter is the segment featuring Jenna Haze (looking fabulous) vs. Sean Michaels. Overall this hybrid feature would be classified under Interracial, since all scenes fit that bill, but what is unusual is that it combines one acted scene (the title one) with otherwise all-sex gonzo film-making.

On IMDb there is a virtual craze for the classic porn films (both U.S. and European) made in the chic era of the mid-1970s to early 1980s where acting or at least a facsimile thereof made the movies interesting, but I can't recall mixing that mode with the now standard format of wall-to-wall sex. Just a footnote: the acted scene is pointlessly bizarre in premise: Palin is introduced crying about her electoral loss (the date of production is given as Halloween 2008 so maybe Flynt anticipated her defeat) and then imagines herself as a fancy-dress princess of old, hoping to be Queen and ruler of the world but foiled in her ambitions.

DiSilva as Obama comes riding along on a horse as a knight, complete with comical metal codpiece, and they exchange in unfunny banter before getting down to 20 minutes or so of hardcore sex. The line deliveries and poor editing of this would-be comedy material is pretty embarrassing, but of course Larry Flynt would rightly rejoinder: who cares?

Lisa ann, guy DiSilva

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