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"Keep your glass clean and extra smooth with this pre-cooler ashcatcher. This acts as a front line defense against carbon build up and keeps all of your glass (besides this one) clean. This way you only have one item to take care of and keep clean. It also acts a diffusion device creating an even smoother cooler draw.

This piece features a showerhead circ perc diffusion device. As the air is pulled through the main chamber, it is pushed through each of the slits creating thousands of small bubbles and creating a very smooth draw.

It's a pain in the butt to run around looking for parts to make a complete set. We know how it is so we have took the liberty to get you going right away with everything shown is what's included.

The gong fitting(s) on this piece is 14.4mm.

The glass ground joint on this piece is a flush mount or a low profile meaning the female portion is sleeved inside the male portion creating a sleeker more sexy look.

This item is hand made.

We feel that it’s important that you the consumer knows where your glass comes from so you can make an informed decision. We are glass resellers not glass blowers so while we can’t say for sure who makes this item, we can say how it was made. We take the time to thoroughly vet our suppliers and make sure our goods are of high quality and standards. While we won’t deceive you and say that these are ""MADE IN USA"", we can say that these are ""well made and you will like what you see or your money back!"""