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PENIS PUMP FOR USE IN WATER  There has never been a safer, more naturalmethod for penis enlargement than today. Once you use the bathmate,you will never spend another dollar on penis enlargement againguaranteed. You won't need to as the Bathmate gives you the resultsyou have been searching a lifetime for.

A Bigger Penis, Harder Erections, MoreStamina!

The Bathmate hydropump (Penis EnlargementPump) is a comfortable, safe and natural method for enlarging yourpenis in the comfort and privacy of your own home (bathroom) andworks in the bath or shower (you could even use it at your sink ifyou wanted.

In just 15 to 20 minutes per day for a fewshort weeks,  the Bathmate will leave you with a thicker, longer,stronger & BIGGER PENIS! It will give you harder,bigger erection you have always wanted. The best part is,  these are permanent penis size gains, which you can enjoytill the end of your time!

But that is not all! The bathmate has beenproven to aid with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation andso much more. It may even help with peyroines disease. It truly isa total workout for the penis (as corny as that sounds).  Some of our users report stamina allowing them to go for2-3hrs easily while maintaining rock hard erections. So I say why, use an expensive blue pillwhen you can do it naturally without any nasty side effects ofViagra or Cialis and dependency on pricey pills. Why pay$5-7,000.00 for penis enlargement surgery when the Bathmate canwork for you and give you added benefits.

Thousands of men are using the BathmateHydropump right now sitting in their bath or shower... easily andrapidly making progress and you can too.

Bathmate Testimonials from Very HappyOwners!

"Hi people at BM, My name is ******* andI've been using your Bathmate device since July 28th I believe; I'memailing you all to let you know that I started out at just 160 andnow I'm closing in on 190. I have noticed some great gains and havebeen very pleased with this device. Since July I have gone from a 3inch flaccid length penis to a 4.25 flaccid length. In Erect lengthI went from a 5.25 Penis to now 7 inches. An this is only a fewmonths. I am very proud of this device!"

"I've been an active user of PE for thepast 4 years now. Basically been on and off again due to the deviceitself ("FastSize"). I just constantly kept saying I'd go back todoing it but never really wanted too due to its appearance under myclothes and the fact that you can not go out in public with it on.I heard about the Bathmate through a forum where I was being toldfrom members how great the product truly was; I thought to myselfof giving it a try along side this other new PE workout I'mdoing.  I was shocked when I first saw how big my Penis becameafter my first usage of the BM and I still am today after everysession with it. My first session of the BM was onAugust 5th of 2009 where I measured in at 6.35 inches. Currentlytoday on August 13th 2009 I measure in at 6.50.  I Love This Device!"  ~ Sincerely, Frank

"Thanks!!! You guys are awesome. I reallyappreciate your effort and your insane awesome fast CustomerSupport, Never had anything like it, not even when I stand in astore and ask for help ha ha. You guys are great, thank you!"~ 
Ralph, California

"I wanted to share my success using theBathmate with you guys, so others know the results I had using it,so I have attached my photo for you to use as part of mytestimonial. It pretty much says it all. 2 inches in size gains,when flaccid and just over an inch when hards! The Bathmate workedand is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously! I am so happywith it. Thanks guys! "( click here to see his photos usedin our Bathmate ad)  Paul, USA

Take a minute to watch the Bathmate video so you betterunderstand how the Bathmate works and how it can enlarge your penisin as little as a few weeks.

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If the Ultramax bathmate (penis Enlargement pump) doesn't workfor you, we would like know about it, and would be more than happyto issue you a full refund if this is the case. So order yourbathmate hydropump today! Get great results, that will give youmemories for life! 

What the Bathmate Hydropump can give you!

  • Get Bigger Penis
    - Gains up to 2-7cm in length (permanentgains)
  • A Thicker Penis
    - Many women state that the thicker the penis themore satisfying it feels.
  • Create a Larger Head
    - The extra growth will exaggerate your proportions for amore masculine appearance.
  • Get Harder Erections
    - As penile fitness increases you can be sure of apowerful, solid erection every time (regardless of age!)
  • Banish Impotence
    - No more embarrassing situations that causeimpotence.
  • Enjoy Stronger Orgasms
    - As your penis strength increases so will theintensity of your orgasms. (trust me on this one)
  • No More Premature Ejaculation
    - A bigger stronger erection helps with stamina. The bathmatehelps you achieve this so you can satisfy the insatiable.
  • Shoot Further (if you think its a sport)
    - Your development will be in all aspects of penilefitness!
  • Straighten Up
    - Got to much of a crick in your cock? The bathmate helps tostraighten the penis.
  • Increase Sexual Stamina
    - The bathmate will help you increase your staminawhile it increases your penis size.
  • Boost Your Confidence & Enjoy Amazing Sex
    - Be the MAN in bed you have always wanted to be!You will now be able to please your partner with confidence.