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SWAMP THING (1991) The Complete Animated Series DVD


Episode List:

1 " The Un-Men Unleashed" April 20, 1991  ( 1991-04-20)

Dr. Arcane turns his henchmen into mutants to attack Swamp Thing. Two kids, Delbert & J.T., along with Tomahawk, Bayou Jack, and Arcane's step daughter Abby come to Swamp Thing's rescue. 

2 " To Live Forever" April 27, 1991  ( 1991-04-27)

Dr. Arcane and his Un-Men travel to the Amazon Rainforest in search of “the trees that never die,” and enslaves a local Indian tribe to harvest their sap. 

3 " Falling Red Star" May 4, 1991  ( 1991-05-04)

Swamp Thing, Bayou Jack, and Tomahawk help NASA retrieve a nuclear-powered satellite that has crash landed in the swamp. Meanwhile, Arcane desires the satellite for his own advantage. 

 4 " Legend of the Lost Cavern" May 11, 1991  ( 1991-05-11)

Still obsessed on gaining immortality Dr. Arcane desecrates the Indian burial of Tomahawk’s ancestors in search of the Lost Caverns, home of the fabled Fountain of Youth

 5 " Experiment in Terror" May 18, 1991  ( 1991-05-18)

While showing Delbert & J.T. around the swamp, Swamp Thing is captured and taken to New Orleans for government experiments. Delbert, J.T., and Bayou Jack plan to rescue him as does Arcane for his own plans.


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