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This product contains no include tar and other harmful substances, only somker can smell the smoke, never produce second-hand smoke, health and environmental protection is the most prominent feature of this product. It is the best alternative to conventional cigarettes. The e-cigarette hold 1300mAh large capacity battery and it can last a whole smoking day.
Product Description
* Can smoke in public place without pollution, no tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic or other carcinogenic
* Odorless, tastes similar to tobacco, enable smoker painless to quit smoke
* Save 80% smoking cost each year
* Easy to use, convenient (doesn�t require matches, lighters or ignition)
* No tar and other carcinogenic substance
* Harmless to others and the environment
* No danger of second-hand smoking


* CE&ROHS approved
* Charger Input Voltage: 100 � 240V
* Output Voltage: 5 V
* Battery capacity: 1300mah
* Full battery can keep for More than 900 Puffs
* Each Cartridge can be sucked in150-200mouthfuls
* Charge Time: about 2-3 hours
* General Flavor
5 Package included:
2 * cigarette stems
1 * AC power adapter
1 * USB charger
5 * refill

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