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          Here it is Folks ! It gives me great pleasure indeed to be able to offer this rare and collectable as well as famous concert from the ABB. The Allman Brothers Band-"LOVE VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL-July 19th 1970"-the Brothers recorded LIVE from Love Valley North Carolina. This is certainly a unique opportunity to acquire a collector`s edition as well as a remastered recording of the Brothers at their peak and before the tragedies that befell them and us -one and all. Included are great phots of the concert-see pictures 2 & 3. As well as a color copy of the ticket and program that was sold at the concert-"Love Valley Rock Festival"-"July 4th-5th 1970-tickets $ 5.00-Rain or Shine".This single cd-r comes with a jewel case and color copies of all of the items with absolutely no exception(s) from the extremely Limited Edition of 250 copies. I am only wish that I bought this disc from me as it was a very expensive endeavor and yet quite a value for  y`all.

          Welcome to the LOVE VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL in the Summer of 1970. Plain paper compact discs has issued a Limited Edition of 250 of this specific Allman Brothers concert and the greatest period ever for this band-( of course your copy is a much less expensive single cd-r with all the extra color photos,ticket and program etc... ). This is the same period as The Atlanta Pop Festival and you already know that any show from the Summer of 1970 is going to be a Legendary Performance. We searched many places in order to find the best source recording that we could find of The Legendary-"Love Valley Rock Festival". Ah yes- unfortunately -"Gone Are The DAZE"-I surely wish them back again-GIVE ME THAT OLD TIMEY RELIGION !-just one more time ! The single cd-r opens with a version of "Black Hearted Woman" which is NOT a common song to find on a LIVE ABB Recording. This almost 15 minute version is what collecting rare cd-r`s is all about. After the amazing version- a nice jam is played for the last minutes of the song. Duane Allman and Dickey Betts are just so together in their unique two guitar attack it is nothing short of "breath taking". This can also be heard on "Liz Reed" or more formally"In Memory Elizabeth Reed" which is a 15 minute highlight of this classic performance. Greg Allman`s vocals are "right on" and his Hammond organ work fits in so well with the Band`s style of music that it is nothing short of "MAGICAL". This single cd-r is one that will be special in your collection and you will no doubt listen to it over and over again. Let`s admit it-the Music of The Allman Brothers Band was crafted so well that even today in 2009-it sounds just as fresh as it ever did and TheSummer of 1970 means that you are REALLY going to get a GR8t show !NOW GET THIS SHOW WHILE YOU CAN !-Thank you and may god bless you and yours !

Disc one of one-( double album on a single cd-r-79 minutes or 1 hour and 19 minutes )


01  Black Hearted Woman > Jam

02  Leave My Blues at Home

03  Stormy Monday-( with Tom Doucette on Harp )

04  In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

05  Whipping Post

06*Mountain Jam*

07  Trouble No More

08  Don`t Keep Me Wonderin` 


*As previously mentioned you will recieve a jewel case and a color copy of all photos and everything that comes with this Rare Collector`s Limited Edition of ONLY 250 copies so GET IT while you can and kick back, relax and enjoy and The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND as "The Road Truely Goes on-FOREVER !"- *-Enjoy !-Engy