Item Description

Renegade 50 - 49CC Scooter 2009  Assembled Free Shipping

Avaiable Colors: Red, Blue, Silver

MSRP: $1,299.99 
 Our Price: $649.99
New Price: $619.99

This Renegade Scooter comes to you pre-assembled from the factory.  This eliminates you from having to put on the front wheel and brake and attaching the headlight and handlebars.  A great way to save time so you can get out there that much faster!  Highly recommended for those of you who do not feel 100% comfortable doing this yourself.

We don't have to "hand pick and choose" from different factories to try and find the best quality scooters, WE ARE THE FACTORY!!  We don't have to find different products and manufacturers and hope their quality is "up to par" and sell all different brands, WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER, WE JUST SELL OUR BRAND!!  We just build the best ourselves and pass it on to you, factory direct!!

Our factory has been manufacturing scooters since 2004.  We have been selling them here in the states since 2005.

So Go On and buy from us with confidence and PEACE of mind!!

WOW!!  Take a look at this deal!!  Unbelievable savings on this Spring sale item!  One of our most economical, fuel efficient (green) units!!  up to 100+ mpg!!  Man, aren't you lucky you found us!?!?  Grab it now while this huge Spring Sale lasts!!

  1. This item comes to you pre-assembled from our factory! (normal price for this model is $779.99!!)
  2. Includes the matching rear locking storage trunk (normally a $29 upgrade, now free!)
  3. As with all of our models, straight from us, Manufacturer Direct!!
  4. As with all of our models, Japanese designed carburator!
  5. Color keyed, Aluminum Rims!
  6. ABS Hydraulic Disc Brakes!
Remember every purchase from Peace Sports includes:
  1. Free Shipping with Free Residential or Business Delivery with every purchase (watch out for others charging you more for this service)
  2. Free MSO and Bill of Sale 
  3. 12 month Engine warranty
  4. Free life time technical support by phone or email
  5. Full parts availability
  6. Factory Direct Pricing
  7. Manufacturer Direct Peace of Mind (No middleman)
  8. Reliable and Quality built units
All of our scooters are great on gas mileage but the 2009 Renegade 50 will give you the best! Just think cruising down the road hugging each and every turn for up to 100 miles a gallon! Now who wouldn't be excited about that! This purchase should give you the peace of mind knowing that you have saved yourself thousands of dollars years from now.

Our Street Legal 50cc scooters are definitely the most cost effective way to travel for anyone who is 16 years of age or older. They are perfect for students commuting to school or for an employee traveling to his job. Just like other gas scooters we have for sale, they are very simple to operate and maneuver extremely well in traffic. They also fit into places you could never even dream of putting a car, so that means you have many more opportunities to park it.

Since we are comparing this to a car, we might as well go into purchase price. Whereas the cheapest new car on the market will set you back close to $10,000, the most expensive 50cc scooter costs less than $1,000. Add that to the amount of money you will be saving on gas and you can just imagine why these are getting so popular now in the USA.

Another great thing about this size of moped is that most states do not even require you to register them with the DMV. That will save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle, because we all know how frustrating the Department of Motor Vehicles can be.

So Go On and ORDER NOW ONLINE or Call us up at 888-501-9110 today and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more about our 50cc gas scooters for sale.


Engine Info
Engine Size 49cc
Cooling Forced Air Cooled
Carburation 4 Stroke
Ignition CDI Electronic
Starter Electric with Keys, Kick Start Back-up

Max. Speed

31 MPH

Fuel Tank

5.6 L

Drive Train
Transmission Fully Automatic - CVT
Gears/Pattern N/A
Driveline belt
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension Hydraulic
Rear Suspension Hydraulic Spring
Brakes, Rim and Tire
Front Brake ABS Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Mech. Drum
Front Tire 3.0-10
Rear Tire 3.0-10
OA Length: 68.5" inches
OA Height: 41 " inches
Wheelbase: 47" inches
Height to Seat: 31" inches
Heigth to Handle Bar: 37.75 " inches
Overall Width:
(Includes Handle Bars)
27 " inches
Ground Clearance: 4 " inches
Other Specifications


12V 9AH

Max. Loading Capacity

250 lbs.

Vehicle Weight

220 lbs.

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on Motor and frame, and 6 months Parts warranty.  Warranty is for manufacturer defective parts, not labor, if you have a part that is defective we will send you a replacement part at no extra charge, we have live technical support available to our customers free of charge by phone or email with our trained service techs for any questions or help you need.  

Remember! You are buying the smart way, factory direct, saving yourself HUNDREDS of dollars compared to a local dealer, so you are responsible for performing the setup that a dealer would normally perform - such as putting on rear view mirrors, hooking up the battery, checking tightness of all nuts and bolts, changing oil, etc. Occasionally some units may need other routine items checked/adjusted such as adjusting the carburetor idle and mixture screws, checking to ensure wires are well connected, adjusting chain slack and alignment, if needed.  May we suggest that if you cannot or do not feel you can perform these tasks yourself then any small engine mechanic, (ie. lawnmower repair shop, "Joe's Small Engine Repair") should be able to help you with first time setup (normally only about $40 to $50) and for any future labor needed.  Just let them know we have the parts if needed to supply them and We will gladly assist you with any technical questions.

Return Policy You may return your product to us within 7 days after taking receipt of the item.  Your only responsibility is to get it back to us and pay a modest 10% restock fee.   Now, some common sense does apply here.

We are not responsible for you terrorizing through your neighborhood in a week, getting 17 tickets and then your wife threatening to divorce you if you don't "Get rid of that damn thing!" 

Also, Product must be new, never used and in the original packaging and all shipping cost is the customer's responsibility. We normally process your order within 24 hours. Once your item has left the warehouse, your order cannot be 'canceled'. Cancellations are only accepted within the first 24 hours of order submission. Orders cancelled after the first 24 hours of order submission will have a 10% cancellation fee. Please be certain of your order before actually placing one as there are processing fees assessed on each order. If such case occurs where the item is already in transit, you are responsible for all shipping costs to return the item to us. Items returned must be still in their original, unopened box with no damage or parts missing. Once item is received back at our warehouse, it will be processed and subject to a 10% restocking fee. Gas scooters that have been ridden in any way or gas scooter parts that have contained gasoline cannot be returned. Gasoline is a hazardous, flammable material and anyone who sends it via the mail may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

So just be fair about the policy and we will too.

Minor cosmetic damage due to shipping (i.e. small cosmetic scratches on plastic) are not covered under our warranty and is not grounds for a return. Remember you are getting these units at wholesale pricing and you receive these units just as a dealer would. Which is a great way to save money by cutting out the middleman profit and ordering directly from us, the supplier.  Don't worry though, if a mirror is cracked or missing or something like that, although it is very rare that this happens, then we will definitely send you out a replacement part.