Item Description

Panasonic Capacitor is the first class capacitor and made in Malaysia.Even ASUS motherboard use this series capacitor.

The Panasonic FJ/FL series is the model made for motherboard.

Input capacitors: Higher ripple current capability.
Output capacitors: Lower ESR at high frequency.

Each bid is for 12 pieces of Panasonic FL series 6.3V 1800UF  LOW ESR capacitors.This is Panasonic FL series.


Items Units Performance
Appearance    Radial Lead
Series    FL
Rated Voltage (V)  6.3,DC
Rated Capacitance (µF)  1800
Tolerance (%)  -20 to 20
Category Temperature Range (degC)  -25 to 105
Life Time (h)  3000
Size(Diameter) (mm) 8
Size(Length) (mm) 20
Impedance1 (mΩ)
Impedance2 (mΩ)  
Rated Ripple Current1 (mA r.m.s.)  1870 (Ctgy Temp(Max),100kHz)
Rated Ripple Current2 (mA r.m.s.)  
Leakage Current1 max. (µA) 113.4
Leakage Current2 (µA)  
Dissipation Factor (DF)
Lead Pitch (mm) 3.5
Weight (g)  
Features    105degC   LOW ESR
ESR +20C 100Khz  (Ω Max)  0.016
ESR -10C 100Khz  (Ω Max)  0.048

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