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12 Premium MicroFiber Cloths

Effective cleaning without the harsh chemicals found in commercial and household cleaners!

These ultra-soft, sunny yellow cloths are professionally finished with overstitched edges, and are a hefty, generous 16"x16" (not the thin, tiny washcloth-sized rags you'll find elsewhere!).

Long used in Europe (and by savvy cleaning pros here in the States!) the positively charged microfibers attract dirt particles, grease, and dust (which are all negatively charged). Soft as kittens, these high-tech cloths have microscopic loops that quickly capture and hold dust and dirt rather than just moving it about.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly, microfiber towels reduce the need for harsh chemical cleaners. They are amazingly effective when used dry (no need for smelly sprays!) and plain water is all you'll need for most tougher jobs! They reduce solid waste and land-fill contamination from cleaner-soaked paper towels.

Your premium microfiber cloths will make all of your household cleaning faster and easier: they're perfect for all kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces (including scummy shower doors), windows, and dusting! They are ideal for entertainment equipment (even delicate flat panel TVs, computer screens, and expensive camera lenses).

Moving outdoors, your microfiber cloths will safely and effectively handle everything from skis to skateboards. They are gentle enough to clean your pets yet tough enough for your guns and fishing tackle! And because they're absorbent, sturdy, cost-effective, and won't scratch prized paint or clearcoat finishes, microfiber cloths are preferred by professional auto and boat detailers.

Even hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities are moving to microfiber cloths to help control infection and reduce cross-contamination between patients. Test results show cleaning with microfiber cloths can reduce bacteria levels by 96%, yet requires less labor.

Don't you and your family deserve as much?

These Miraculous Towels--

Allow effective, non-toxic cleaning
Are lint-free
Can be used dry for polishing & dusting
Can be used with water for tougher jobs
Pick up dust like a magnet
Trap dirt, oil, and grime for streak-free results
Don't scratch
Are environmentally friendly
Absorb up to 7 times their weight in water
Can be washed and reused hundreds of times

Get this set of 12 new cloths and uncover the microfiber secret for yourself!

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